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“Mom, will ya cut that out?” Tommy laughed as he walked into the kitchen, stooping to kiss his mother’s cheek as she struggled with the bag in the trash can. “Lemme tie that up and take it out. You spent my whole fuckin’ childhood trying to make me do this, let me now that I’m volunteering.”

“Truth be told, moro, I’m almost afraid to let you.” she admitted with a smirk, kissing his cheek in return as she relented and let him help her with the trash.

Snickering, he deftly tied the bag and yanked it out of the can. “You asked me over and cooked yet again, it’s the least I can do.” He assured her. “Go on, Dad’s in the living room warping his granddaughter. Save my kid, huh?”

Laughing, she left the room as Tommy headed for the back door to take the garbage out around to the side of the house. The air was chilly, even for the desert, but he didn’t pay it much attention as he made it through the gate and into the pitch blackness surrounding the city trash bins.

He didn’t realize anything was wrong until he’d shut the lid and looked up to see the neighbor’s porch light blazing in the darkness without casting a single ray of light across the cement walk or the lid on the can. Only then did he feel the chill penetrate his skin and sink down into his core.

The sound of the back door opening was faint in his ears as his heart began to pound, ready and eager for battle.

“Tom Tom! Did you feel…oh Gods.”

“Dad, get back in the house!” He called out, eyes narrowing at the thick blackness he could feel now, claustrophobic and thick as it closed around him.

“Kid, if you think I’m leaving you to face this alone…”

Cursing, he glanced back over his shoulder. Gregory already had a ball of flame in one hand, a faint shadow past the Darkness obscuring his vision.

“Just remember: I warned you.” He replied simply before closing his eyes and allowing his anger to rise and overcome him. It wasn’t hard, not when he thought about Mayilia inside with his mom…

Heat burned like hellfire in his eyes as he opened them and spread his arms, blood singing with a thirst for death.

“Come on!” he bellowed, voice rolling with the sound of thunder. “You come for me?! You come for my family, my daughter?! Come get you some! Just fuckin’ face me and kill me and be done with it, you pussy fuck, ‘cause frankly I’m getting a little sick and fucking tired of waiting!!”

The shadows coalesced, the air grew thick and icy. For a moment, Tommy couldn’t breathe.

It was only that long before they dispelled, leaving him standing in the middle of the concrete walkway with the yellow beams of light streaming through the fence to fall across his face and body.

“Tom Tom? Tom! Say something, bub!”

His father’s hand was warm on his shoulder, heated by the fire he’d been holding. Tommy sank gratefully into the touch, leaning into the press of flesh through cotton with a shaky sigh as his eyes and blood cooled.

“I swear to God, Pop…next time, I’m ending it.”

“Kid, if you had that power, we’d be out of jobs and out of charges. You know that.”

Reaching up, Tommy shook the handcuff amulet around his neck, the links rattling as he glared at Gregory furiously.

“He gave me the power.” He snarled, pointing towards the house. “And for her? So help me God, Dad, for her…I swear to fucking Christ, I will die an avatar’s death to do it.”

Without waiting for an answer, Tommy brushed past his father and back towards the house. It was a conversation he didn’t want to have, not when he was finally starting to deal with things, just a little…

He had to go check on his daughter.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 671


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