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“Poppa? Tell me a bedtime story?”

Gregory Karras sighed, regarding his six year old son dubiously, then glanced over his shoulder to make sure his wife was far from earshot. He probably should’ve just pressed Tommy to sleep, but already he was six and he’d only seen his first magic trick when he was four. The boy needed more energy in him if he was going to grow up right…

“All right, Tom Tom…but you have to promise not to tell your mom I told you this story, okay? Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, that’s all fine…but tonight? I’m telling you a special story. Pinky swear?”

Solemnly, eagerly, Tommy’s tiny hand came from beneath the covers and linked with Gregory’s bigger one as he nodded so hard his thick, too long hair bounced with the motion. “Pinky swears. What’s it called?”

“The story is called The Power…and it begins with a little boy that had just that: a magic power...” )

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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“Mom, will ya cut that out?” Tommy laughed as he walked into the kitchen, stooping to kiss his mother’s cheek as she struggled with the bag in the trash can. “Lemme tie that up and take it out. You spent my whole fuckin’ childhood trying to make me do this, let me now that I’m volunteering.”

“Truth be told, moro, I’m almost afraid to let you.” she admitted with a smirk, kissing his cheek in return as she relented and let him help her with the trash.

Snickering, he deftly tied the bag and yanked it out of the can. “You asked me over and cooked yet again, it’s the least I can do.” He assured her. “Go on, Dad’s in the living room warping his granddaughter. Save my kid, huh?”

Laughing, she left the room as Tommy headed for the back door to take the garbage out around to the side of the house. The air was chilly, even for the desert, but he didn’t pay it much attention as he made it through the gate and into the pitch blackness surrounding the city trash bins.

He didn’t realize anything was wrong until he’d shut the lid and looked up to see the neighbor’s porch light blazing in the darkness without casting a single ray of light across the cement walk or the lid on the can. Only then did he feel the chill penetrate his skin and sink down into his core.

The sound of the back door opening was faint in his ears as his heart began to pound, ready and eager for battle.

“Tom Tom! Did you feel…oh Gods.”

“Dad, get back in the house!” )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 671
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NOTE: Translation: Ti kanis = how are you

“Did you finish your homework?”

“Yes, Mom.” Two more feet and he was safe, he just had to get to the doorknob. She couldn’t get to him inside his dad’s office, she didn’t dare disturb them when Pop told her that Friday nights were their quality time.

“Well, if you finished your homework and your chores, why don’t you go to the movies with Manny and Bert? I know they invited you, I could hear through the open front door.”

Thirteen year old Tommy Karras took one more step away from his mother, Agatha, forcing himself not to look at the door. Just a little closer and he could bolt. Hopefully, anyway.

“Why don’t you want to go out with your friends, Tommy?”

“It’s just a hassle, ya know? I’m tired, it’s my night to hang with Dad…and I’m gonna see ‘em tomorrow anyway!” That, and Becky Sanders is gonna be there…

Not that he was going to say that out loud to his mother, she’d not only yell at him but she’d force him to go out on a night when he was absolutely guaranteed to make a fool of himself and ruin even his daydreams of being brave enough to actually ask her out.

He was saved from further interrogation when he heard the door open behind him... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 1,176


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