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I have a picture of Harry Houdini in my office, sitting right on my desk. It’s something I clipped out of a magazine, tucked into the corner of a framed pic of my folks. Always felt right to put it there, ya know?

I have a photo of Zee on my desk now, right next to that one. After she bought me that biplane for my birthday, I moved the picture of Houdini to her frame. It just felt right…like somehow, two halves of me were converging, like I was in the frame with her.

I put Houdini back with my parents. I can’t feel the connection anymore.

About a week ago, the mother of my child was nearly attacked by a Bringer, and it was all my fault. What I am, who I am…it put my family in danger.

About a week ago, I stopped using magic.

I talked to some guys in the Fraternity, the Kellar twins in particular, and I got the information. They left the order years ago, gave up magic completely after Mike’s wife passed away. She died serving the Fraternity…it devastated him. The way it works is that the power feeds itself. Use it, it gets stronger. Stop, and it goes to sleep and the light inside goes out.

The Darkness won’t see you, won’t touch you. It’s not permanent, but it might as well be, according to the twins they played hell waking the power again.

My problem is that I have more invested in the power than most. My past, my memories…they’re tied into who and what I am. I really have more in common with Hekate, Katie, than I do with anyone in the brotherhood.

It’s been a week. I tried to levitate this morning and I couldn’t. I moved that picture right after because I couldn’t feel the connection.

I’m not in that frame with her anymore…I don’t remember when that picture was taken.

My power’s gone…but so are my memories. Houdini’s dead…it’s just me now.

Me. Alone.


Muse: Tommy Karras
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