Jun. 21st, 2009

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Out there in the spotlight, you're a million miles away
Every ounce of energy, you try and give away
As the sweat pours out your body, like the music that you play


They were still too tight. Even with flexing, the straps were still too tight.

The ‘crazy crib’ escape had been a stupid, last minute idea, but even as Tommy lay there, sweating buckets and wrapped in the stifling confines of a white cotton sheet, he was sure he could do this. Without power.

He really hadn’t even thought about it as the restraint belt had been fastened to his midsection and the straps secured at his wrists and forearms. Flexing, it was that easy…his forearms tensed, his wrists slightly bent, and immobile gave way to difficult. It would take all his strength, all his concentration…but it was doable.

He didn’t need power…all he needed was energy. )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 450
magic_fratboy: (magic - jail escape)
I'm sore, I'm exhausted, and I'm probably gonna lose a fingernail...but I did it. RV's heading back to Vegas, I'm in bed with Zee and May, and I'm gonna crash for a few hours. I can't remember when I've ever been this tired.

And I didn't use my powers once. This is a good thing.

ooc: And Tommy will be prompting his escape...in a series of five different fics. Yes, he IS insane. What else is new? Stay tuned for more, folks...
magic_fratboy: (magic - jail escape)
“Okay…good, just snap those on…”

Part of it felt like sacrilege, standing there and allowing Houdini’s own handcuffs to be locked around his wrists, and yet part of him felt like he was welcoming back old friends. The cold metal, the scars from use and age…there was history there, a history some forgotten part of him remembered and celebrated. Everything else was reverence and awe, the joy of an ingénue sitting at his master’s feet.

He was the student, learning by doing. Simultaneously, the details coalesced in memories that he couldn’t avoid. Barechested, handcuffed, lungs filled with the scent of wood and plaster, dry parchment and ink, he felt a sense of belonging. He could even now remember the cell he had only seen once the night before, knew he had escaped it a dozen times in days past.

He stood a little taller in spite of himself as the final set of bracelets snapped on, unconsciously remembering the title that came with the task set before him. He was here to win his name back along with his skill.

King of Handcuffs... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 463


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