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He'd known it was a mistake the second he uttered the words, should have realized who he was dealing with and what she was capable of. Still, somehow, with two lifetimes behind him and a general sense for his own personal welfare, he spoke standing right there in front of her, him with a death wish and her with a fresh tray of her trademark cookies in hand.

"I think I need new jeans."

Things got sort of fuzzy after that, and amidst a tidal wave of chatter, bouncing, car keys, and a toddler's shrieking, Tommy found himself at the Forum Shops at Caesar's, Mayilia on his hip with the bag of candy Sassy had already bought her, hoping to God that he could somehow corral his best friend, the personal shopper with a bottomless wallet.

"Sass? Sass, will ya stop for a sec? I need new jeans, that's it, you ain't buyin' me a new wardrobe. Or May...Sass, are you even listening to me?"
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You Are Powerful and Hard Working

You're the type of person who can sit all day working on a long and arduous project.

You are determined to be successful, and quitting is never an option for you.

You give a first impression of being a workaholic. This is true, but unlike most workaholics, you have a healthy relationship with your work.

You are an armchair businessperson. You know a lot about running organizations, and you're never afraid to say how you think things should be done.

In other news, today for my birthday I got a card from my little bunny (with a hand from Zee in picking it out and signing it), a dead rat from Kel and Hardy, a dead lizard from Prometheus, a lick and a promise for tonight from Zee (I'm afraid in a really good way), a few renditions of the birthday song (best came from my homegirl Molly, thanks babe!), and a cheesecake with candles at lunch during rehearsal today.

Still dealing with being thirty two. Still grateful for it.

Anyway, I got the show in little over an hour and a package from Sassy I'm scared to open. She buys expensive toys that just...yeah. Anyway, I'll check in later. Gonna go clubbing to celebrate with the cast and some friends, and I know Channing's up to no good, so if you wanna see me humiliated you can buy tickets to the 10:00 show.
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She kid...a pony...
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We walk through the door, and there's a huge pile of shit waiting for us in the foyer. Dad's been feeding the animals while I was gone, so had to have happened today.

Future reference: don't warn the furry children when we're coming home. They'll plan revenge on us for being away so long.

Translation? We're back in Vegas, Zee's getting used to the new house...and Sassy? You better haul your ass over here to say hello before Zee starts making cannolis and makes my waistline disappear.
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Across the country and around the world, on Valentine's Day morning, friends and family of Tommy Karras awake to find a single long-stemmed rose in their bedroom atop a sheet of thick cream-colored stationery bearing a handwritten note...

Love is one of the faces of hope... )

A few notes that are different...

To Bee... )

* * * *
To Sassy... )

* * * *

To Catherine... )
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So my mun just did point it out to me...I guess I got nominated for an award over at [ profile] arpea_awards.

Choice Male Non-Fandom Original Character.

Seriously, folks, I don't know who gave me the nod, but I just...I have no idea what to say. That's...pretty heavy stuff, and...well...

*blushes hardcore*

Translation: From mun and pup together, I want to thank whoever gave my boy here the nod. Tommy's been a joy to play and a total science experiment of a character. I never expected that he would find so many friends or be so well loved by his peers that he would get this kind of recognition.

From both of us...THANK YOU SO MUCH, and we love you all.

Wait a sec! Don't forget to tell them about my girl!

Whoops! Sorry, Tommy...everyone go vote for Tommy's lady love, [ profile] zee_ali, who was nominated in several categories. A more deserving muse and mun there never was.

Don't forget my OTHER girl, babe. Make that two...Bee got a nod, right?

Right...leave it to me to have a muse more interested in pimping his peers. Isn't he sweet?


Anyway, also be sure to vote for Tommy's best friend, [ profile] no_substitution and his homegirl, [ profile] baileigh_solis. And on a personal note? Vote for [ profile] changehistory...she OWNS MAI SHIT KTHX.

Better...anyway, folks, thank you. From both of us.
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While taking to her bed, Sassy rolls over and is promptly injured by rolling on something hard, cold, pointy, and jagged enough to bruise her hip. When she digs it out, she finds a set of handcuffs with a note rolled up and stuffed in one locked shackle. The other is, quite apparently, open and the cause of her future bruise. The note reads as follows...

Sass, get your ass outta bed and stop pouting! I'm six hours away.

If you really miss me that bad? Wear these. Necklace, bracelet, somewhere visible. Cuffs are the symbol of the Fraternity, you head to Vegas and the magicians will know you as a friend. You'll be ankle-deep in children of Pandora in no time.

It's my birthday, damn it. I want a smile.

Love ya babe,
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I don't know if anybody around here lives in Las Vegas? But I had a real party yesterday spending my afternoon fucking with people. Seriously, it's awesome.

First I screwed with this guy working behind the MGM Grand. Then I hung out at the Mirage and did some stuff until they made me leave. They were nice about it, though.

Two things happened because of the Mirage thing, though. First? I got caught by a camera crew doing some promotional vid for the know one of those things that runs in the rooms 24/7? They liked my stuff so much they asked me to do the bird trick for the film.

Secondly? Me and my girls ran into Channing Vale having lunch with the Amazing Johnathan. No shit. For those of you that don't know, The Amazing Johnathan is the best comedy magician you'll ever meet. Channing Vale's making a name for herself as probably the premiere female magician in Vegas. She did a run at Harrah's a while back, subbing for Mac King, and now she's got a show opening at the Flamingo in December with preview shows beginning at the start of October.

Anyway, long story short? Channing invited us to her suite for drinks after lunch, so we all went and I completely bugged out a group of people in the hall outside her room.

After Chan invited us to her opening (and told Theo to look her up if she ever wanted a job...rock on, sister), we all left and hit the street again. I did a voodoo demonstration for some passers by, got some help from Dee, who was awesome...and then got my ass kicked by Sassy when she found me letting a guy give me a bloody nose. Still love ya, babe.

In other news, thanks to Theo for the clips of my crazy bullshit, she's an ace with the digital camera. But you're seeing it right: my hair's more or less grown back. I'm kinda glad to look like me again. So everyone that hated the new 'do...I'm back.
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He sat in his car, texting to Sassy with a grin as he glanced up at the house and waited for her to get where he wanted her...right in the main foyer. It was as good a place as any to show up, and he didn't quite feel comfortable just slipping into some random room. After all, other people lived there...

The 'blind texting' thing was his undoing, leaving him with several seconds where he had to stop himself from laughing. Shaking his head and taking a deep breath to compose himself, Tommy put his phone away and ducked out of his rental car, shutting the door and walking around to the front. This was a fairly easy exercise, but he wanted to be really quiet...

Shutting his eyes, he started walking forward...and felt the change in the air as he moved from outside into the air-conditioned, recirculated air of the house. It smelled like a home, and vaguely odd at the same if someone had been cooking something vaguely unpleasant.

But she was right there in front of him, at least the back of her was...and as usual, she was like a beacon in the night. The energy she radiated was almost tangible, a warmth emanating against him...

Grinning, he walked around to stand before her, straightening the faded lavender Affliction t-shirt he was wearing and doing his best not to make any noise. He waited about sixty more seconds before he finally spoke with a grin.

"Open your eyes."


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