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He’s never been one to get rough, especially during sex, but he’s pissed off. She’s got him angry, which is a hard thing to do…

…and Jesus, he’s never heard her make that sound before.

So he does it again, biting her lower lip as he kisses her. It’s painful, teeth clicking and lips forced so hard against each other he’s sure they’ll both bruise. The baby’s in the other room…she’s the last thing he’s thinking about right now.

Every thought is for Zee as he slams her against the nearest wall, blind to everything but getting her naked and writhing under him. He’s angry, he’s lonely, and he’s confused as to why she’s suddenly so pissed at him for being enamored with their daughter.

He bites her again as his lips move over her neck, hearing her make that same noise, high and desperate as he yanks her shirt off over her head. He’s rough and rushed, but he doesn’t care. She’s clawing at him the same way with nails that draw blood, a grip that’s painful as she digs her fingers greedily into every plane of skin she can get her hands on.

He gets her pants off and his before he lifts her off her feet and finds his way inside of her. He’s not gentle or slow, but he is careful as her wet heat engulfs him for the first time in months. Her legs are almost too tight as they wrap around his waist, but he forgets the discomfort as he moves, hard, sharp thrusts that drive her against the wall and make her cry out…softly, too softly, she’s thinking of the baby and he doesn’t want that right now, he wants to make her scream…

“She sleeps…like the dead.” He pants in hear ear, teeth raking over her earlobe as he moves inside of her again. “Do it again.”

When he bites her earlobe, she makes the sound again…only this time, he’s the one making noise when they both come.

* * * * *

“There’s gotta be something wrong with this.”

She’s smiling again, stretched out on her side in bed with May laying beside her, one arm curled protectively around the baby’s body. “With what?”

“Having insane make up sex, then going to bed to snuggle with our kid.” He laughs, head propped up in one hand as he watches his girls together. “It’s…warped.”

Laughing, Zee reaches out to tousle his hair playfully. “Shall we put her down and have another fight? C’mon, I bet you can bite harder than that.”

He blushes then, his cheeks warming as he looks away with a nervous laugh. “I almost drew blood, baby…that couldn’t have been fun.”

“That’s it…I’m putting May back in her crib.”

Tommy’s smile vanished as he glanced up again, fearing he’d screwed up…but Zee’s expression was wicked, not angry as she gently gathered the newborn into her arms.

“We’re doing it again…time to show you how much fun a love bite can be.”

As she got to her feet and walked out of the room with May in her arms, Tommy couldn’t help but grin in anticipation.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 530


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