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This is all crap that's around the theater, 'cause that's where I'm at today.

Pictures beneath the cut...warning for a smidge of sexual content... )
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Five Ordinary Things

- I love baseball.
- I'm Greek.
- I was born in Brooklyn, New York.
- I graduated from UCLA.
- I had my appendix out when I was a kid.

Five Things That Make Me Special

- I've lived three times total now.
- I can do real magic.
- I have the soul of a Titan god.
- I've been buried alive.
- The most incredible woman on the face of the planet is in love with me.

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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Excerpt from an article in Rolling Stone titled “THE A-LIST: Celebrities Give Us Their Number One Picks for the iPod…”

TOMMY KARRAS (magician): “Them Bones,” Alice In Chains

“My favorite song of all time.” Karras declares emphatically in the heart of the Mirage and Cirque de Soleil's REVOLUTION Lounge, his home away from the stage, with the Beatles blaring over the speakers. “I been a fan of Alice in Chains forever, and this one's been my favorite since I first heard it. It’s brilliant stuff. I love Jerry Cantrell, he’s amazing, first of all. And it says a lot without saying a lot. Look at the lyrics, there’s nothing to that song and it hits like a sucker punch. Plus the riff is cool, too.”

Along with the overall make up of the song, with a little extra encouragement the rising Vegas newcomer also admitted to loving the song for the most important of reasons.

“I’ve owned this ratty old Fender [Stratocaster] for years, but I only ever learned to play one song on the damn thing.” He confesses with a sheepish grin. “Ain't a damn thing I can play on that thing that sounds like real music? Unless I whip out 'Them Bones.' It's the only one I know, and the only guitar chords I can name come from that song.”
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Five things in your fridge.

1. boneless chicken breasts
2. leftover gyros from dinner tonight
3. frozen bagels for May (does the freezer count?)
4. celery
5. cannolis (we're still working through the building implosion...and Buried Alive 2)

Four songs on your iPod.

1. Them Bones - Alice In Chains
2. Highway to Hell - AC/DC
3. My Way - Frank Sinatra
4. Lie to Me - Control Freak

Three places you like to visit.

1. Los Angeles
2. Manhattan
3. Venice

Two books you’ve read.

1. Stranger In A Strange Land
2. Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero

One thing you’ll never admit aloud.


I'm not afraid to die.

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“Poppa? Tell me a bedtime story?”

Gregory Karras sighed, regarding his six year old son dubiously, then glanced over his shoulder to make sure his wife was far from earshot. He probably should’ve just pressed Tommy to sleep, but already he was six and he’d only seen his first magic trick when he was four. The boy needed more energy in him if he was going to grow up right…

“All right, Tom Tom…but you have to promise not to tell your mom I told you this story, okay? Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, that’s all fine…but tonight? I’m telling you a special story. Pinky swear?”

Solemnly, eagerly, Tommy’s tiny hand came from beneath the covers and linked with Gregory’s bigger one as he nodded so hard his thick, too long hair bounced with the motion. “Pinky swears. What’s it called?”

“The story is called The Power…and it begins with a little boy that had just that: a magic power...” )

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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The last dream I had was a nightmare…a prophetic one.

The thing to understand about my power is that I don’t see the future, not outright. The past determines the future, it shapes who we are and what we do. Add free will to the mix, and you have this volatile swirling darkness you’re staring into. Nothing is certain, nothing lasts…but at the same time, everything is possible. Anything can happen. It’s very good, and it’s very bad. It’s an easy place for The Darkness to reach me, and it has on more than one occasion.

The other night I dreamed about something that’s going to happen. Those dreams are dark and start out very quiet. Shapes form in the black, and I have to go damn near cross-eyed to see them. It’s frustrating, and not always rewarding.

I saw a dark tunnel, felt a floor collapse beneath my feet. I heard a woman scream, and I could smell dust and blood. Then there was something that slammed into me so hard it knocked me loose, woke me up.

I’m scheduled to escape a building slated for demolition in mid-July…and I think the dream I had just might’ve been about my death.

I hope to God I’m wrong.
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I checked the link, this pic is off a website for a local Greek Orthodox church my Uncle Milos belongs to. The guy kneeling is Great Uncle Stagros. They're putting together stuff for the war effort in 1942, according to the blurb with the picture. Donations and shit...Great Uncle Stagros was a member of the Fraternity, so is Uncle Milos. They couldn't fight, so they did the only thing available to them: they helped the humans help themselves.

It's who we are. It's what we do.
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Just over a year ago, I would’ve told you, unequivocally, that I was just so much meat. I’m no pussy, never have been, but I wasn’t no hunter. I had no killer instinct, I wasn’t much of a fighter outside my kickboxing classes…I was just a guy. Nothing more.

I was a man, a simple one, too, and sometimes I mourn his passing.

When I became a predator, that man died. It’s horse shit what they say about power corrupting, it doesn’t taint anything but the mind. Power brings understanding, at least that’s what it brought me. Knowledge, comprehension…I know more than even avatars have a right to. It’s the knowing that killed the man I was, looking into the dark and hearing the voices of the men and women everywhere as they gave in to despair.

Battles, lives, worlds are won and lost on that one tiny choice. The Darkness knows that, it plays on the weakness of choice. My people play on the strength of it…and play we do. That’s how I became a hunter.

I learned to lie, cheat, and steal my way to salvation. I learned to kill for the greater good. I embraced my past lives and my true power to keep going when I thought the one thing I wanted in the world had left me for good.

I deceive with illusions. I lie to the soul just enough to make it wonder, make it question. From there, it seeks out more beauty and fills itself up until there’s no room for shadow. I cheat humans out of choice by forcing them to feel something beyond description, an emotion that hooks them like a drug. I steal victims from my enemy and set them free to live their lives and feed me power. Every dream, every desire, every wish I drink down so that I can give them more to wish for, more to dream, more to want.

I used to be human. I used to be prey.

Now, I’m an avatar. I’m a Titan. I’m a father, and soon to be a husband.

I’m a predator…and if you’re a human, pray when next I hunt, I come for you.
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1. Who is your character's PB?

For the sake of this prompt, I'm going to discuss my most active characters:

Tommy Karras = Criss Angel
Anne Forsythe = Holly Madison
Claude/Kyle Howard = Milo Ventimiglia
Cain Callahan = Matthew Fox
Henrietta "Hank" Callahan = Emily Browning

The Questions... )
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Don't think this needs much explanation, except for the fact that I'm a magician so I can cram a lotta crap into my pockets, so...

The obvious stuff is the dog biscuit and the pacifier. Dog and kid, got one of and coins are for magic, pencil and notebook is for sketching, and the stake's from Sassy. Still carry it everywhere I go, babe.

The book's all Bee's fault. She keeps insisting I read it, so...for you, babe.
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I used to have one tattoo and a couple scars. When I was still asleep, still a human being, that was it…simple as my life used to be. I had handcuffs on my back, some piercings, a pale white patch on my right knee, and a surgical scar on my belly. Simple.

Then my life changed, and with it my body. Nothing’s the same now, and nothing is simple.

The scar on my knee was my first basketball injury, I skinned it when I was ten. The surgical scar was from my appendectomy when I was fourteen. Piercings were the usual teen rebellion and avant garde artist chic: three holes in each ear, one eyebrow, couple cartilage, navel and nose…think my nose has closed up since then, though.

The tattoo came in college, an art piece from one of my classes. I sketched a pair of handcuffs for a still life project, and later I found myself playing with it. I gave them a seven link chain, each one bearing a letter to spell the word “Houdini.”

I didn’t realize at the time that I was branding my future into my own skin.

The art and the scars have accumulated since then. To start I have the red spot on my palm, where I caught the bullet that should’ve killed me the night my powers awoke. My wrists and ankles are permanently red and pitted by cuffs and chains forged by The Darkness, scarred by evil itself. Got those when I was bound and tossed in the basement of a building slated for demolition…I almost didn’t make it out. Those scars got deeper after The Darkness switched my bonds at Buried Alive, leaving deeper gouges in my skin. I have a few scattered marks on my back where I didn’t fully heal from the SUV nail bed stunt, and I have a human bitemark on my shoulder that Zee left when we…uh…ya know. Our last time was pretty rough, but that’s the only lasting mark she’s ever left.

As for tattoos, I have my Fraternity brand: a pair of handcuffs tattooed on my left wrist done in black and white. The color’s solid and bright, it’ll never fade with time. Unlike most of my Brothers and Sisters, though, I have a second pair just above that…not as vibrant, but just as clear, a pair of single action cuffs from the turn of the century that appeared on my wrist after I regained my memories of Harry Houdini. They were his mark, and now they’re mine.

The newest tattoo’s on my left ring finger. Yeah, that’s intentional. It’s a black crown with a Latin inscription at the base reading nunc scio quit sit amor. “Now I know what love is.” It was my way of marrying a woman I thought was gone forever…my pledge of fidelity to the dead because I couldn’t give my heart to another woman. I couldn’t live in Hell when I’d already tasted Heaven.

It’s a lot of ink and a lot of pain for one man, but I’m not your average Joe. Now that I’m awake, now that I’m no longer human…I just learn to deal with it.
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This is who I was, it's who I am, and it's who I'll always be.

I can't be chained, I can't be stopped...and whether I like it or not, I am a king. I need to start acting like one.

As for icons in general, I actually turned this poster into one...

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"If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!"

That's a load of crap. There's always something you'd change about your past, if you could. List five of them.

1) I wouldn't have cheated on Bess. She deserved better than that.

2) I would've engineered the Mirror stunt better...left no clues, make sure it stood the test of time.

3) I would've at least tried to get into magic long before I knew about my heritage.

4) I would've done Buried Alive the first time around.

5) [locked] I would've asked Zee to marry me the second I found out she was pregnant. Maybe she'd have turned me down for trying to be noble or something, but at least I wouldn't be killing myself over it now.[/locked]

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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NOTE: Too long for a drabble, but the muse got wordy. :P

She would’ve bought him a cake, decorated…she would’ve made it fun. That’s why he goes and gets a small one, smiling and aching as he finds a black tombstone candle for the top.

Alone, he lights the wick and watches it burn. He thinks of the Voisin, his own birthday six months before, and as the wax drips down he thinks of the death that’s been hanging on his soul for far too long.

In the light of the flame, he sees a shadow of her face. Shutting his eyes, he stares at the afterimage behind his eyelids until it fades and the candle burns down to nothing but a puddle of wax, dark as blood in moonlight against the thick white frosting.
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Not exactly a fan, but Bee's into DANCING WITH THE STARS and showed me a clip from a couple seasons of the couples danced to this song, and it struck a chord.

I don't think I need to say that this goes out to Zee. I love you...and I'm waiting.

KEEP HOLDING ON by Avril Lavigne )
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I think Sassy was the first one to throw this song at me. I think it's pretty fitting for a lotta guys in the order, and a lotta avatars overall.

For me? Well...I never will see the gates of heaven, so...

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Continuing in this morbid vein, list the five most likely ways your character will die. Be as serious, gory or humorous as you like. For bonus points, add the LEAST likely way your character will die.

- Hearing the voice of evil
- Seeing the face of evil
- Wounds from a weapon forged by evil
- Fatal wounds (shooting, stabbing, I'm a mortal avatar after all)
- Suicide...not mine, a human suicide. The act of taking one's own life is the death of hope. Physical proximity to a suicide can kill an avatar. I've been around some close calls, and it's made me pretty sick, so...

Least likely way I'm gonna die? Old age or natural causes. The avatar that gets that death is a lucky son of a bitch.
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Can you see it? Don't worry if you can''s not the most noticeable thing in the world. It's not meant to be, a lot of the greatest things you'll ever do are small. They're not obvious, they're obscured by bigger, badder problems and greater feats accomplished by men and women that aren't you.

It's not the picture and it's not the look...Channing took it for me backstage at rehearsal yesterday so I could put it up here. There's nothing special there. I mean, sure, maybe taking a topless pic's a pretty huge feat for a guy like me, but not when you compare it to the real subject of the photo. It's a small thing, a thing we all overlook every day of our lives when we really shouldn't. Hell, even I did once upon a time.

Give up? Lemme help ya out...

Read more... )

I was fourteen years old and out with friends when I collapsed with abdominal pain. My buddies got me to the hospital in time, but there was still an element of uncertainty when they removed my appendix. It was a brush with death I didn't know I was having, one I'll never forget. Even with the medical advances out there, I still could've died if it was worse. When you're older, too, the procedure's harder to recover from.

I still remember what it was like to waste away in that hospital bed eighty three years ago, to realize my time was up and that I was leaving again. Saying goodbye to Bess was the most painful thing I've ever done, not something I wanna go through a second time.

The scar is as small as the greatest achievement of my life, the one we all overlook.

For better or for worse, for my friends and my family, for the whole human race...I'm alive.
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1) Play with my daughter. Seriously, she's a hoot and a half, especially with the animals around and they always are. We had a power outage a couple weeks ago? Barely noticed when the lights came back on, I was so caught up playing peek-a-boo.

2) Draw, sketching specifically. On a rainy day? I seriously draw the rain. I'm on this lifelong quest to achieve creative Nirvana and go one better than Frank Miller.

3) Clean...I mean, might as well, right? Plus I can put my basketball training to good use: I can sink a pair of dirty socks into the hallway laundry hamper from clear across my bedroom.

4) Mess around on my guitar. I don't actually play (except one song I learned by accident), but it helps me think. Some of my best ideas come from sitting around plucking at fucking nothing on my beat up old Strat.

5) Watch TV with my cats. Since I figured out I could sorta communicate with 'em? I discovered they love TV, and not those stupid animal DVD's they sell at PetSmart, either. Hardy loves LOST, and Kel likes anything on CARTOON NETWORK. We all love Adult Swim...go figure.


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