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It started innocently enough. When he found out she was a theme park virgin, he felt sorry for her. When he realized she’d never even heard of Space Mountain, however, he was shocked and appalled.

Satisfied they could manage a three month old with some help, he invited the Kellar twins and hauled the family down to Disneyland.

It was more than a miracle to watch Selene affected by it all…shocked, dazzled, bored, dizzied by the frenzy of activity and joy that was the Happiest Place on Earth. She was just like a child…a very sober, methodical child, making the Kellars just a little nuts by wanting to start at Main Street and comb her way through the park.

It was already late afternoon by the time he’d convinced her to let the Kellars take a break and keep Aggie for a while so he could show her New Orleans Square.

“Check it out…Captain Barbossa. How cool is that?” he grinned as they stood in line for Pirates of the Carribean, gesturing to one of the wall paintings depicting famous pirates and characters from the movies.

“The artwork’s lovely…”

Laughing, he kissed her cheek and pulled her against his side. “Babe? When we get home, you ‘n me need a movie night.”

When they slid into the back of the next available boat, he caught her smiling again and wasn’t quite sure, this time, what the cause was.

“I think I’m just…enjoying not being pregnant anymore.” she admitted with a sheepish smile. “No longer so awkward, I have my center of gravity back.”

“Really? And here I thought you were enjoying all the sex.” He teased softly, cheeks warming just a little. Thank God it was dark…

Naturally, she took advantage, kissing him deeply as the boat started off. He’d been sarcastic, mostly: both of them were losing a lot of sleep with Aggie, though not as much as most. She was a pretty quiet baby, but more than once shadows had infringed on their home, barely a blip on his radar, but to the newborn it was enough to frighten her in ways most other children would never even feel.

So of course, he felt her, or rather her hand on his thigh as the gentle sound of lightning bugs chirped around them.

“Check that out.” He managed, breaking the kiss as he gestured to the alcove of diners off to their right. “That’s the Blue Bayou restaurant…we should eat there later.”

“Fine, I’m embarrassing you.” she giggled softly, snuggling up to him. “I’ll be good. Promise.”

Maybe it was the dark. Maybe it was being able to hold her close again, the way he had before she was pregnant. Maybe it was the gravelly voice of the pirate skull above the coming tunnel…or maybe it was the drop coming up that he knew about and she didn’t.

Instead of letting it go, he kissed her, hard and slow, grinning against her mouth as they were warned that dead men tell no tales.

“Never said you had to be good. Just said we oughta eat out later.” He murmured. “Never told you to stop, either. But since ya did…”

He didn’t get to answer as they plummeted. Holding her tight against his side, he enjoyed her shriek of delight as they came to the second drop and slowly drifted through the coves of skeletal pirates left to the treasure that had claimed their lives.

And he continued to hold her tight as he reached out with power to touch her, listening intently in the dark as her breath caught, felt the brush of her hair whipping as she looked at him sharply.

Smiling, he turned his attention to the scenery and politely pointed things out as she slowly began to shift in her seat next to him. Every caress, he could feel with his thoughts, capture the texture beneath fingers that were nowhere near her. Just like their wedding night, he took it all in without laying a single hand on her body…

She was hiding her face against his shoulder by the time they reached Tortuga, muffling the sounds that were still escaping though she bit her lower lip to try and stifle them.

“You…you bastard…”

“You better open your eyes, or you’re gonna miss Captain Jack Sparrow, babe.”

“I…no. You…damn you, we’re in *Disneyland!!*”

Laughing softly, he tipped her head up to meet his gaze in the dark and grinned as the song played in the background.

“Yo-ho, YO-HO! A pirate’s life for me…”

“You asked for it.” He reminded her with a smirk, then kissed her as he finally relented. He had to fight to keep her in her seat and not let her climb into his lap, and couldn’t avoid the rocking of the boat as he let the power pour over her and into her, but through those phantom touches he finally gave her what she wanted, swallowing her cry of pleasure by the time they reached the last legs of the ride.

As they began their ascent back into the main building, she was limp and spent against his side, and he was just barely keeping his composure. He couldn’t believe what he’d done, what they’d done…but Jesus, that had been fun.

“I hate you. I hate you passionately.”

“I know.” He replied brightly as he helped her from the boat, then pulled her into his arms for another lingering kiss.

“Yo-ho, yo-ho…”

“Oh my God…”

He had to laugh at the breathless, desperate way she swore at him for singing, and knew that neither one of them were ever going to be able to hear that song quite the same way ever again.
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