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The only gift is a portion of thyself.


(NOTE: Takes place just a couple hours after The Abyss escape. Selene is [ profile] dealing_death and is used with the knowledge, if not permission, of her mun. :p)

He needed to prepare for the show. It was opening that night, his ear was bleeding, and he needed…something. Coffee, a shot of adrenaline to the heart, something that would stop him from collapsing when the power ran out and he was left with nothing but his own failing strength to keep him going.

Instead, he was enslaved by the power and, by default, enslaved by his wife.


The breathy, confused way she tried to ask what he was doing made him smile, despite how little control he had over himself in that moment. Reaching past Selene to lock the door of his dressing room, he started walking backwards until the back of his legs hit the edge of the plush leather sofa that was part of the opulent décor she’d selected for him and the rest of the building.

Sitting down, he dragged her into his lap and kissed her, hard and deep. Power crawled beneath his skin, made him want to crawl beneath her skin, inside where he could share the cool grey, glittering light that was trying to drive him mad.


“Do you fuckin’ see me blushing?” he whispered, drawing back just enough to meet her gaze. “Babe, I’m fuckin’ dying, I…I want…”

He trailed off, burying his face against her chest, comforted by the press of his nose against the hard upper section of her ribcage, by the soft, yielding patch of skin just above the swell of her breasts, right there for his mouth to touch.

“Take some of this away from me. Please….please…”

Soft, cool hands cradled his face, making him lift his head. For just a moment, she was an angel, pure white skin and unseen wings enfolding him in an embrace that was so full of love he wanted to weep.

Then she was kissing him, and he felt a flicker of fear as her fangs dug into his lip…hard, painful, but not quite there, not quite enough to break the skin. One hand drifted to his shoulder, gripping hard…


The soft, quiet noise of pain died as quickly as the sting as her nails raked over his skin, drawing blood. Shifting, she rolled her hips against him as she bent her head to run her tongue over the cuts. Her free hand slid between them, stroking him through his sweats as she licked and sucked at the shallow wounds…and he knew she was sharing then, what she felt when she fed, the arousal that came from the taste of his blood.

He was nearly frantic as he tried to get her naked, steadied by her more patient hands, quicker and more dexterous than his but no less eager. He couldn’t sit still, couldn’t find any relief until she was astride his lap and sinking onto him, wrapping him in her body. Finally, he was there, crawling beneath her skin, head fallen back and lost somewhere in a strange cyclone of fire and ice.

He shifted just enough to watch her as she moved over him, hands roaming over breasts fuller than before, smoothing over the swell of her belly, clutching her hips hard enough to bruise a human woman. Every thrust built energy, used energy, burning power as it took its toll on his body and hers. Together, they used the divine spirit raging within him to create a moment in time as they both climaxed, a shared instant where species and station had never been a thought…where she would one day end as she should, and he would never die.

For a second, lust and love met in perfect harmony…for a second, he was exactly the man she needed to make her happy, and she the only woman in the world he couldn’t live without.

A fact he pointed out to her much later, when he pointed out his ear in the shower…caked with dried blood, scarred by the dark talisman, but otherwise completely healed.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 660
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