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She was pregnant again.

The last time they'd talked, she'd come close, but hadn't admitted to the real problem...if one could even call it that.

She was quiet, reserved. She was dressing differently, and already he was noticing a change in her eating habits, the way she was behaving. He saw it in the way she held May, the way her face would glow, contort, then glow again. She was suffering, and it wasn't good for her.

Or the baby.

It was Sunday afternoon, and he was in LA again for the next round of Dancing With The Stars. Tomorrow was the dress rehearsal for his next routine, and then a big elimination that had him on edge already. Ziyah usually watched rehearsals when she was in town with him, and today she even had May with her. The sight made his chest ache, Zee with his daughter while beneath her baggiest hoodie, the swell of her belly was growing again and she wouldn't let him see...wouldn't let him touch her to feel it in the night...

Once Effie stepped out of the room to call her boyfriend, Tommy took a seat beside Zee, helping her give May her lunch. When the one year old was happily munching away on some finger-sized steamed veggies and hot dogs, Tommy finally spoke to her quietly as he stopped May from trying to put a hot dog up her nose.

"Are you ever going to tell me about the baby?"

Date: 2010-05-17 02:41 pm (UTC)
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Four months.

It had actually been four months, one week and three days. She was counting them out in her head, knowing that somewhere in the coming weeks, the count down would end and she'd leave the secret just that.

For most women, the joyous run of pregnancy is a happy one. Hell, the first couple of months with May were disgustingly happy. After that run of morning sickness, that is. But, everyday after that was amazing.

However, this time was different.

In her world, it was a divine miracle she got pregnant in the first place. Though, in having a Titan God as her lifelong partner and a dear friend of the magical kind, even the impossible becomes possible. Only she was sure the blessing would be a one time deal.

She knew it was going to be a one time deal.

So, when the first signs came on, they were so little she hardly paid notice. They progressed into bigger signs and right away, a fear began to swell in the middle of her gut that if she told Tommy, and the little flicker of light in her belly got snuffed, it would tear him to pieces.

Ziyah became distant, ignored her feelings and tried to remain true to her typical personality. The woman that could fool you with what she was thinking or feeling. Only when he found her in the dressing room, he could see right through her stone features and see the secret she'd been keeping from him.

It had taken four months.

Zee had initially looked up with a smile, but returned to dabbing away the mess on May's chin. His presence was different this time. Far more determined than it normally was. She'd only felt it once before. That day when he asked her what was wrong.

She knew he suspected it then. But now...

There was no answer and she tried to ignore him by breaking into the soft Italian words she used in conversing with May. Though after a very long pause, she breathed in sharply through her nose, turned her head and looked long and hard at him. Deliberatingly.

She wasn't sure she had anymore excuses to make.

Date: 2010-05-17 05:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
He could see it on her face, but couldn't pull it from her mind and was ashamed that he'd attempted it. She was so dead set on keeping this from him that her thoughts were veiled. Only that bond that connected them since the ritual left her open to him, and even in that she wasn't giving.

Lowering his head, he stared at his hands for a moment, watching as May squirmed away and moved over to where he was crouched, her tiny hands laying over his before setting to work, playing with his rings. Silence was as great an equalizer as any, an affirmation that needed no words.

"I'm done being mad...finished that a while ago." he replied quietly, looking up again as he deftly gathered May into his arms with the instinctive prowess of a father in his element. "I just...I wanna know why. Why would you hide this from me?"

Date: 2010-05-18 04:38 pm (UTC)
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Her expression turned defensive and by looking away, she tried to harden herself that much more. It wasn't that she wanted to hide it from him. Not because she was ashamed, or even that this child was unwanted. And the last thing she wanted him to do was laugh at her because she was being silly over the reasons she didn't tell him.

To her, the "why" was a perfectly justified reason.

She set the cloth she was holding aside and got to her feet. Less eye contact between him and her, the better. But her voice carried loud enough for him to hear that she was firm in what she believed.

"We were lucky with May. So damn lucky, T..."

She stopped again, distracted herself by putting a few of her daughters things back in the open diaper bag and shook her head.

"When someone realizes what is going on, they're going to end it. And if I told you, you would've gotten just as excited as you did with her and gotten too involved and.." A pause. "You've had too much grief since you met me and I don't want you resenting me, or worse, someone else for taking it away."

Date: 2010-05-18 08:51 pm (UTC)
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"Do you think that little of me? That I'd be pissed at something you can't control?"

The words were soft, gentle despite their cold, hard ring, as were the arms that came around her from nowhere...finally holding her after weeks of being pushed away, finally resting hands on a belly he was touching for the first time since it began to swell with the growth of their second child.

"This kids' gonna be born." he whispered in her ear, chin a warm weight on her shoulder as he held her from behind. "You're gonna get checked out, May's gonna get told, and so's the rest of the world. And later, when he or she's born? We'll get married. And no more secrets...agreed?"

Date: 2010-05-25 05:30 pm (UTC)
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"No. I'm not the one I know you'd be mad at." she looked at him with stern eyes.

She knew he wouldn't be pissed at her, but, he would be pissed at whoever it was that took the child away from them. Whether he sought them out and unleashed the Titan on them, or not, she was pretty sure he would show his fury somehow.

The only movement she made was in closing her eyes; listening to the breathy sounds that came from his mouth and tunneled into her ear. There was absolutely no doubt that she missed his touch. It sparked every heightened sense, starting with an intense tingle in her fingers as they moved slowly over his bare arm to secure it in place to the whirlwind of dizziness she had when she opened her eyes and tried to turn her head to see him.

"I had my reasons. Be it that they were stupid ones, I won't apologize." she whispered back. "But okay. No more secrets."

As for the believing in this child would be born, Ziyah would have to see it happen before investing any motherly emotion.

And Tommy would have to respect that knowing completely who and how his fiance was.

Date: 2010-05-25 05:37 pm (UTC)
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He could feel it, too...the way she relaxed in his arms, the catch in her breath, the way her body shifted just a little to lean more comfortably back against him. It sent a flood of heat through him that raised goosebumps on his skin, made him want to cut out on practice and hustle her home where he could get rid of ridiculous things like clothes and lose himself in her...

With a sigh, he pressed a kiss to her neck and held her just a little bit tighter as he met her gaze and nodded. " can apologize later when the kid's born." he compromised...then grinned after a pause.

"You mind if I celebrate, though? 'Cause I'm gonna bust something and die in about a minute..."

Date: 2010-05-28 06:43 pm (UTC)
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There was a little sigh of defeat, knowing there was nothing she could say in argument. Yes, she was hopeful that she would carry this baby to term. But, even in her dire want, there was a hint of pessimism.

Relaxing a bit more, Zee couldn't help but smile as she squeezed his arm lovingly.

"Celebrate how?" she murmured, her lips grazing a small patch of skin on his cheek.

He better not say something like he wanted to tell everyone, because that was still a little premature for her.

Date: 2010-06-01 01:30 pm (UTC)
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"Well, I thought I'd start here..." he murmured, then abruptly caught her and swung her off her feet, spinning in a circle with a joyful whoop, dissolving into laughter as he finally fell, hauling her into his lap as he hit the floor.

"And," he went on, still breathless and chuckling, "I wanna tell people. Lots of people. I know you prolly don't wanna...but it'll be good for the baby." Resting a hand on her stomach, he leaned in to steal a kiss.

"I know you're scared." he murmured, brushing her hair away from her cheek. "But fear kills. Before anything else, babe...fear can kill my kind. You of all people oughta know that."


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