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One of the advantages of living so close to his parents was the ability to call his father and ask him to watch Mayilia for a couple hours when his best friend randomly reappeared after nearly two years off the grid for whatever fucked up Immortal-related reason.

Smiling as he thought about Sal, and as he gazed down at his sleeping daughter, now two years old and physically matured to about the age of four, Tommy marveled at the good luck of it as he leaned over and kissed May's cheek.

"Daddy?" she slurred, rubbing one eye sleepily.

"Sorry, May Bunny. Daddy's gotta go out, just wanted you to know."

"Is to fight Dark people?"

"Nah, not the Darkness tonight, baby. An old friend of Daddy's is back, we're just gonna go talk, and Papou's gonna stay with you, okay?"

May's dark eyes widened as she gasped, trying to sit up in bed. "Daddy, I pay wif Papou!"

"I'll have him come read you a story, okay?" Tommy laughed, gently pressing May down so he could tuck her My Little Pony blanket back around her, making sure she had the pink bunny she'd named Candy tucked securely in her arms. "Daddy will be home in a couple hours, and I'll come kiss you goodnight before I go to sleep."

May pouted up at him, but didn't try to sit up again as he leaned over and kissed her one more time.

Within the alloted two hours, Tommy was walking through the doors of Road to Ruin, scanning the bar for some sign of Sal. Finding none, he walked up to the bar and flagged down Chet.

"Yo, Papa Chet! You seen a skinny little Italian shithead around here?"

"If you mean Sal," Chet drawled with a grin that betrayed the annoyed tone of his voice, "he's in the can. He's been harassing my customers with bad knock knock jokes for the last forty five minutes, maybe you can put a leash on him."
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