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One of the advantages of living so close to his parents was the ability to call his father and ask him to watch Mayilia for a couple hours when his best friend randomly reappeared after nearly two years off the grid for whatever fucked up Immortal-related reason.

Smiling as he thought about Sal, and as he gazed down at his sleeping daughter, now two years old and physically matured to about the age of four, Tommy marveled at the good luck of it as he leaned over and kissed May's cheek.

"Daddy?" she slurred, rubbing one eye sleepily.

"Sorry, May Bunny. Daddy's gotta go out, just wanted you to know."

"Is to fight Dark people?"

"Nah, not the Darkness tonight, baby. An old friend of Daddy's is back, we're just gonna go talk, and Papou's gonna stay with you, okay?"

May's dark eyes widened as she gasped, trying to sit up in bed. "Daddy, I pay wif Papou!"

"I'll have him come read you a story, okay?" Tommy laughed, gently pressing May down so he could tuck her My Little Pony blanket back around her, making sure she had the pink bunny she'd named Candy tucked securely in her arms. "Daddy will be home in a couple hours, and I'll come kiss you goodnight before I go to sleep."

May pouted up at him, but didn't try to sit up again as he leaned over and kissed her one more time.

Within the alloted two hours, Tommy was walking through the doors of Road to Ruin, scanning the bar for some sign of Sal. Finding none, he walked up to the bar and flagged down Chet.

"Yo, Papa Chet! You seen a skinny little Italian shithead around here?"

"If you mean Sal," Chet drawled with a grin that betrayed the annoyed tone of his voice, "he's in the can. He's been harassing my customers with bad knock knock jokes for the last forty five minutes, maybe you can put a leash on him."
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NOTE: Sal is [ profile] we_standalone and is used with utter devotion to his mun.


“Sal, s’ me.”

“T? What’s up, bro?”

“The sky.”

“Hardy har, yer a fuckin’ riot. Seriously, whatcha need?”

Tommy frowned as he stared across the casino, watching Channing standing in the middle of a cluster of humans. She’d been pale and touched with sorrow until they congregated, now she simulated the necessary energy and joy that was required of a celebrity.

“It ain’t me who needs something from ya, Sal…it’s her.” He replied simply.

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 602
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NOTE: Backdated to last night. Stephanie is [ profile] effiecat, Sal is [ profile] we_standalone, Zee is [ profile] zee_ali, and all were used without permission, but lots of love.

"My dreams have come true and I'm scared I won't know what to do with them."


“Wait! Wait…I’m sorry, usually we’d end with the curtain calls, but something more important simply must be addressed tonight…”

“Jesus.” Tommy breathed, smiling in spite of himself as he moved to hide behind Stephanie in the throng still assembled onstage. He was shoved forward for his trouble, her merry giggle sounding in his ears.

“Ohhh, no you don’t, Birthday Boy. Go and get your cake!!”

He would have protested, but sure enough the stagehands were wheeling out a cake, gleaming white and shaped like a pair of handcuffs. Channing still had a microphone in hand and was beckoning him forward, talking all the while.

“…credit for the cake, but I can’t. This comes with love from your dear friend Claire, with all her best for your birthday. Come on, everyone, help me sing!”

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 635
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So the lighting's giving us shit, and I have three press interviews I have to do today, so while I hurry up and wait I thought I'd share some stuff I found online from last night's round of clubbing, plus a few pictures of my own.

I found these (or rather Zee did and showed me) on Napkin Nights. We put May with the folks, gathered up some of the folks from our respective jobs (for Zee, that was Control Freak, for me that was Channing and some of the cast 'n crew from The Rapture), and went clubbing.

The evidence... )

Finally, here's a couple of mine. Be warned: most of 'em are Zee. What can I say, I'm a sucker.

All my fault... )

And I'm officially getting the wave from Chan. Gotta bolt, folks. Look for me on the morning news or something.
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NOTE: Sal is [ profile] we_standalone and used without permission, but much love. Mike is [ profile] the_nextmaven, and is mine to use and abuse as I see fit.

The pristine white porcelain of the bathtub was hard and unforgiving against his back and shoulders as he settled in, laying back as he fought his body’s natural reaction to the ice cubes that filled it. Shutting his eyes, the color still blinded him…as he screwed them closed more tightly, he didn’t see stars, but ice cubes sparking fire as they caught the light.

“Something’s wrong.”

“Easy does it, bub.” Sal’s voice was steady and encouraging. “Slow, deep breaths, ai’ight?”

Nodding, he sank back further and slouched down, shivering harder as he dragged a thick layer of them over his body. Sal’s arms slid in to help as the running tap filled the bath with cold water as well.

“Lay back.” Mike’s voice, brisk but even somewhere beyond. “We’re shooting for ten minutes or more.”

Tommy nodded again and set to work regulating his breathing. It was dry, raspy in his ears, his heart hammering as his body protested in a fit of spasms and shaking he had to fold his arms and cross his legs to control.

In, out. Slow, deep breaths that burned his lungs. His body shook, demanding more oxygen as it exerted itself. The snow white tub burned against his skin, reflecting his own energy back at him.

Fear cracked his concentration, letting the cold in and tearing the world apart.

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 534
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NOTE: Sal is [ profile] we_standalone and used with permission and love.

“It’s fine. I’ll be fine.”

Sure, just like monkeys flew out of his asshole every day when he took his morning crap. He should have fucking known better, goddamnit.

Running towards the shattered wooden crate, time moves in slow motion for Sal as he thinks back on all the stupid shit he’s stood by and watched Tommy Karras do, knowing he should stop him from getting himself killed.

He kept his mouth shut when he watched the man climb into a coffin. He even helped lay Tommy out on a bed of nails before he let an SUV roll up on his chest. He brushed off a nervous feeling and let Tommy go to his car alone the day he got shot three times.

Now he could add standing on the sidelines like a jackass and letting his best friend climb into a box packed with live explosives right at the top of the fucking list.

There was no movement beneath the fragments of plywood heaped on the left side, where Tommy had been sealed in and sequestered from the powder and ignition…if Sal’s stupidity had cost Tommy his life, Sal was going to cut off his own head.

“I just wanna see what it feels like! If I can do this, I can definitely do the illusion.” )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 648


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