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This movie I can live with. Seriously, if anybody out there wants to watch a decent portrayal of yours truly, pick this bad boy up on DVD.

Admittedly, though? I never would've gone for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Wasn't my type.
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Back for more of this shlock...

Take two... )

It's a well acted movie, well made for its time. But these stupid fuckers weren't even trying. I seriously hope none of you ever have to sit and watch some of your most precious and terrible memories and life events destroyed by the mammoth monster that is Hollywood.

For the record, Zee? I promise not to saw you in half on our wedding night. I won't leave you for a pagoda water torture trick, either. Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes.

...and now I'm watching the trailer on this DVD. I shouldn't have the taglines are pissing me off all over again. Someone come take this thing away from me.
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My thoughts below... )

I need to stop watching this for a while. Startled me a little, but...thinking about her death still hits me so damn hard, especially after losing Zee like I did.

I'm gonna go find my girls and hold May. 'Till she's thirty. Finish the movie later.
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A tumbler shifted beneath the pressure of the lock pick, bruising his ego yet again as his heart all but skipped a beat in hopeful excitement. Drawing a deep breath, he held the pick steady and experimentally tugged his wrist against the handcuffs.

Nothing. )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 622
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"Show me a character whose life arouses my curiosity, and my flesh begins crawling with suspense."

NOTE: Though history does dictate that Houdini first met his wife when she was singing the song "Rosabelle," I'm taking a few artistic liberties with pretty much everything else surrounding the event.

He loved her because she excited him, and she excited him because he was terribly curious about her... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 413
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NOTE: Too long for a drabble, but the muse got wordy. :P

She would’ve bought him a cake, decorated…she would’ve made it fun. That’s why he goes and gets a small one, smiling and aching as he finds a black tombstone candle for the top.

Alone, he lights the wick and watches it burn. He thinks of the Voisin, his own birthday six months before, and as the wax drips down he thinks of the death that’s been hanging on his soul for far too long.

In the light of the flame, he sees a shadow of her face. Shutting his eyes, he stares at the afterimage behind his eyelids until it fades and the candle burns down to nothing but a puddle of wax, dark as blood in moonlight against the thick white frosting.
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You Are a Pineapple

You are bright, cheerful, and active. You have a lot of zest for life.

You find it easy to feel energetic and refreshed throughout the day.

You are likable and influential. You are an important part of the mix.

You can go with the flow or be bold, depending on the situation.

In other news, I feel really strange today. Weirdly keyed up, kinda hollow...I feel old.

...holy shit, it's my birthday again. I can't believe I forgot...
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Okay, so I was looking for a file on my computer today? And I found a folder with some old pics that I'd scanned in. And when I say old, I mean old, I hadn't cut my hair yet. Most of 'em are from my big pilgrimage to Houdini's grave, but there's also one random from school in there worth laughing at.

So if you wanna see what a misspent youth looks like, follow me in...

Houdini and Me... )

And because we all need a good laugh...

Old school photo )


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