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[Tired...but so fuckin' worth it.]
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Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

“Mr. Karras…”

“I know, just…a few more minutes. Please?”

It made him cringe a little just to think about it, but Zee was always telling him how his smile could stop traffic, so he was milking it for all it was worth. It seemed to be working, too, as the nurse let him linger with a stern look, a grin and a tap of her watch to indicate his time was short.

He just couldn’t help it…he couldn’t pull himself away from his little girl.

Turning back to the incubator, he watched as her tiny little mouth opened in a mighty yawn that made his chest tight. Everything in him ached to hold her, to feel that tiny fragile weight in his hands but it was still too soon. She still had so much growing to do…

An Unexpected Visitor... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 814
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Check it out, it lives. Heh.

I just wanna apologize to everyone for bein' so absent lately. Things have been a mess, and when the going gets tough, I tend to get quiet. I know some of you have been going through just as bad a time, and I'm sorry I haven't been there when you needed me. I'm hoping to correct that now that things are evening out.

Whatever you're thinking, you're probably right...I hope. I'm posting today to tell you all the answer the question that's been on all our minds: we were right. It's a girl.

Mayilia Alessa Ambrogio-Karras was born this morning at 4:15 AM. Zee went into contractions they couldn't stop, so she delivered without any problems...well, except the obvious. May's about three months premature, but she's gigantic for a six month preemie...more the size of a seven month preemie, the doc said. We're just kinda smiling and nodding, but we're not surprised.

Anyway, about an hour ago I snapped a pic when I went in to see her, and I thought you all might wanna take a peek.

Presenting May Karras... )

She's beautiful, ain't she? Doc says she's doing really well, but she's still being monitored pretty closely. Zee's doing okay, just moody 'cause she can't hold the baby yet.

The one thing I'll ask from all of you? Hope for the best for May...she's an avatar, and that positive energy will help. I'd be grateful to everyone for that. Anyway, I'm off...gonna see if they'll let me in to see her again.

...holy shit, I'm a dad. This is so cool.
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Tommy sighed, narrowing his eyes at his own reflection staring out of the glass front of the vending machine currently holding his bottle of soda hostage. Instead of shaking the machine, however, he simply glanced around to make sure he was alone, then extended his arm and laid his hand flat against the glass…

He watched with a sort of detached fascination as his own fingers passed effortlessly through the solid pane.

Stretching his arm, he simply grabbed his soda from the robotic arm dispensing it and withdrew it back through the glass again, leaving the machine completely intact as he walked out of the cafeteria and headed for Zee’s room again.

Halfway there, he met with an unusual sight as he passed by the nurse’s station on the fifth floor and witnessed two nurses marveling at a plant that Tommy had seen on the desk, half-dead not an hour before. He added two and two, getting four too late as he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder.

You`re not watching your back, Tom Tom... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 1,088
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[locked from Zee]

If you wanna know the truth? I’m a little afraid of fatherhood.

I love Zee more than words can ever say, and there’s not an ounce of doubt in me that this kid we’re having is the best thing that will ever, ever happen to me. I’m not questioning the potential that we can make it as a family or the rights and wrongs of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

I’m not scared to have this kid…I’m scared of having this kid.

There are things in this world that come so rarely, so infrequently that some folks never see ‘em. There’s moments you live through that you never forget, life changing moments that destroy everything you know and rebuild the world around you in the space of a heartbeat.

There was a time I thought that moment, for me, was remembering who I was…until the first time I looked at Ziyah and realized that my life changed the second I looked into her eyes for the first time.

This child we’re having, it’s everything we are to each other. Every time I touch her, every time she touches me…that’s got a form now, and soon it’ll have a face, a name. It’s gonna grow up and walk the streets and leave some mark on the world. It’s love made manifest, and I can’t think of any more precious gift than that. Thing is, though…this kid is love made manifest. Our love.

What if I screw it up? This kid, I mean. What if I’m a sucky dad?

Nothing scares me worse than that…nothing on the planet scares me worse than the idea that I’m gonna be blessed with this miracle of human life, the both of us together in a single living person, and that I might end up failing her…or him.

So even though I ain’t real religious? Every day since she told me she was knocked up, I pray the same damn prayer: “Please, God, don’t let me fuck this shit up.”


Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 338
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I just picked my cuz up from the airport. He's in town to shoot the escape on Friday...for free, 'cause he's awesome like that.

Furthermore? He's a jackhole and insists on crashing at a hotel, but I'm gonna forgive him 'cause he's taking the family out tonight. That's right, Zee, we're going out tonight to celebrate.

And the rest of you? You heard me right: the family. Boney, me, Zee...and Baby Karras.

Zee's pregnant. We're having a baby!!!
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