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The only gift is a portion of thyself.


(NOTE: Takes place just a couple hours after The Abyss escape. Selene is [ profile] dealing_death and is used with the knowledge, if not permission, of her mun. :p)

Cut for adult content: graphic sex and violent imagery... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 660
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Sometimes in the middle of the night, he can feel her fingers on his wrist, tracing the patterns in black and brown that set him apart from the rest of the human race. The paths of heat her fingertips create on his skin whisper through the barrier between the physical and his kind, leaving messages in his mind and heart that reach him even in the deepest sleep.

She thinks she understands him so well…his purpose, his reason for existing. There’s only some arrogance in how sweet it is to him.

For a woman that’s seen and done so much in her life, she’s as naïve as he thought he was once upon a time.

Each sweep of flesh over ink speaks to part of him, to the lives past and the man he was born to be for this handful of decades. Those fingers see perfection amidst the cracks, a god where an impostor stands praying his forgery of a lightning bolt is good enough to get him through. Eyes on his face, hands on his body and his mark, she speaks to him in the dark and tells him that he’s not enough with her unerring faith in him.

He isn’t that man. He wasn’t that man. He doesn’t want to know what he will be, and so he doesn’t look. Yet he can’t stop when he’s fast asleep and she’s touching him. He can’t block her out and make himself safe when she’s speaking to him and he can’t cover his ears. He can’t hide from her love or her adoration when she assaults him unawares.

Her vision of him reminds him that he’s lacking, drives him to the point of pain where his mind wants to slip into total madness. She strips him naked and flays him with her veneration because he’ll never live up to it. It hurts, and it hurts because it comes from her.

Because he believes her when she tells him he’s perfectly worthy of her love. He stops and he listens when she tells him that he can do anything, knows he would bend to walk through seven foot doors if she assured him he was eight feet tall. He believes every bit as hard as she believes…because it’s her.

His heart, his soul, buried deep in the body of one woman.

She’s the only reason he’s ever had to be a superhero.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 402
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It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.


Something was wrong with her. Something had to be wrong with her.

Seated at the bar, Rose barely heard the music pulsing through the air, thick as soup and heavy as a Santa Ana wind. The club was warm, but she was just chilly enough to be uncomfortable, goosebumps raised on her bare arms as she swallowed tears back yet again. The drink in front of her was untouched, but she couldn’t stop staring at it.

Serving the Power: Rose... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 1,096
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NOTE: Takes place on February 27, 2010. Stephanie is [ profile] effiecat and is used with love, if not permission. ;p

“Are the cameras on?”

“Yep! Sure are.”

“Oh…’kay, just checkin’.” Tommy shrugged, flashing the segment producer a sheepish smile as he went back to slowly pacing a circle around the expansive stage of The Rapture Theater. The camera crew and producer for Dancing with the Stars had arrived just a couple hours earlier to prepare for the arrival of his partner, and along with the nerves that came from being filmed, Tommy was just plain nervous about meeting his partner in general.

He wasn’t even sure who it could be. From all he knew, which came mostly from Bee, the professional cast tended to rotate in and out each season with only a few that were consistent participants. Add to that the usual suspects of newcomers, and even his visions couldn’t tell him a whole hell of a lot.

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Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 706
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It's the first time he's been still in the ice bath for more than an instant, but eventually his muscles betray him, his spirit collapses beneath the cold, and his mouth opens to let the agony rush out in a single, chilling sound.
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"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."


She’d forgiven him for the stunt, even though it had yet to take place…but she was still wicked pissed at him. It was probably why they were having sex so often.

WARNING: some sexual content beneath the cut... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 472
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- hang with my girl
- tie myself up
- cuff myself and dive into a pool
- clip my cats' claws
- walk on broken glass
- escape from a milk can
- go grocery shopping
- take a nap in a coffin
- drop shit off the roof of a building
- run myself over with a bulldozer
- look for a realtor
- get run through a woodchipper
- let a car run me over
- pick up paper towels

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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NOTE: Selene is [ profile] dealing_death and is used with love. Takes place on the Karras's honeymoon night.

He’d seen many sides of his new wife already…the businesswoman, the warrior, the lost soul. He’d seen some of her worst, found her at her lowest point, and just a few hours before had seen her in the throes of a joy so great it had forced him into a powerful display of his greatest form of magic: the kind that went unseen, the kind that only ever touched the soul.

Of all the facets to Selene Karras, however, he had never truly seen this one. The wanton, coquettish temptress that stood in the doorway to the bedroom of their honeymoon suite.

“Are you coming to bed?”

MUN NOTE: Put the kids to bed before you click this link, sweet essences...SEXUAL CONTENT BELOW )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 858
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This is all crap that's around the theater, 'cause that's where I'm at today.

Pictures beneath the cut...warning for a smidge of sexual content... )
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And though I may not
Know the answers
I can finally say I am free
And if the questions
Led me here, then
I am who I was born to be
And so here am I
Open arms and ready to stand
I've got the world in my hands
And it feels like my turn to fly


NOTE: Channing is [ profile] what_its_not and is mine to use and abuse.

It was never going to go according to plan.

He was on his back, tied to a chair by one hundred feet of rope that was now swollen and hot due to the fact he was laid out at the bottom of a two foot deep hot tub. Above him, the sun had been a wobbly, waterlogged dream, air a distant memory as he held his breath and struggled against his bonds.

And he was starting to realize, as the wraiths came, that things were never again going to go the way they were supposed to. They were on him in an instant, forcing him to close his eyes against the way they blotted out the light, demons of pure evil that only he could see. The crowd above the water could feel their power, he could sense the rising tension and knew his reserves were fading the more fearful they became.

His lungs began to protest, too early, too soon. His hands and feet continued to work.

.......... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 747
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"If one is forever cautious, can one remain a human being?"


NOTE: Zee is [ profile] zee_ali and is used with love and some permission.

“Why do you have to do this?”

“Because of you.”

He didn’t have to look at her jaw hanging agape to know she was shocked by his answer, but he looked up all the same, hands in his jacket pockets and fiancée standing before him with dark eyes so full of blazing fury he thought she might kill him just with her look.

He knew he was blushing, something he didn’t do quite as often anymore, but still his cheeks burned as he held up a hand to stop her from responding.

“Because you’re human, and you love me.” He pressed on, maybe a little too quickly out of nerves. “Because I’m strong enough to do it so long as I got you…’cause humans take risks, and that’s all I am: what humans are. That’s why I have to, that’s why I will: ‘cause of you. ‘Cause you take risks every day. You put your life on the line when you walk out the door, when you take a challenge…you put yourself out there every time you take a chance on some musical act-”

“Tommy Karras, this is *not* fair-”

“-or some dime-a-dozen Brooklyn boy who thinks he can draw and can’t tell a dirty joke without blushing.” He finished hotly, holding her gaze with a nod. “You remember him? I hear he’s doing some pretty amazing stuff now, all ‘cause you took the biggest fuckin’ chance of your life. He’s co-headlining at the Mirage, gettin’ married, had a baby girl…”

Pulling his hand from his pocket, he produced a black velvet jewelry box and opened it, displaying the sky blue topaz and sapphire necklace inside.

“…and remembered his girl’s birthday even though she thought he prolly forgot.”

He watched her face as she saw the necklace, knew he’d catch hell still for the whole Avalanche stunt, and still more hell for mouthing off at her…but for a second, he didn’t care.

He took a risk…and based on Zee’s face, he knew it was well worth the trouble.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 340
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He’s always grateful for the chance to give humans his time when he performs, and though he’s grateful in turn for their attention, they give him no greater blessing than the night the show ends and he realizes the masses are chanting his name…not hers.
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Christmas in Vegas can be pretty cool, but when they start talking about holiday plans, he knows she yearns for the unique magic of the city under a glittering blanket of white just as much as he does.
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Christmas shopping was hard enough without adding the fact that he was in love with the woman who, quite literally, had everything: money, things, experiences…and an eternity of Christmases left to her.
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There’s a lot of spectacular trees in various places on the Las Vegas Strip, but she never stares at them with quite as much awe as she does the healthy little Douglas fir covered in twinkle lights that sits in the corner of their living room at home.
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[image link]

NOTE: Sal is [ profile] we_standalone and is used with utter devotion to his mun.


“Sal, s’ me.”

“T? What’s up, bro?”

“The sky.”

“Hardy har, yer a fuckin’ riot. Seriously, whatcha need?”

Tommy frowned as he stared across the casino, watching Channing standing in the middle of a cluster of humans. She’d been pale and touched with sorrow until they congregated, now she simulated the necessary energy and joy that was required of a celebrity.

“It ain’t me who needs something from ya, Sal…it’s her.” He replied simply.

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 602
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Five Ordinary Things

- I love baseball.
- I'm Greek.
- I was born in Brooklyn, New York.
- I graduated from UCLA.
- I had my appendix out when I was a kid.

Five Things That Make Me Special

- I've lived three times total now.
- I can do real magic.
- I have the soul of a Titan god.
- I've been buried alive.
- The most incredible woman on the face of the planet is in love with me.

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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- Mom, re: watching May on Halloween
- Dad, re: tickets to see Lance Burton
- Sal, just to check in
- Mike, re: building me a new metamorphosis trunk
- Channing, re: final rehearsal before the straitjacket escape
- Bee, re: Zee left her cell phone at her place when we went to see Irina yesterday
- Aunt Zeph, re: dinner tomorrow night
- Boney, re: going out tonight
- My publicist, re: that new story the Enquirer ran about me and Sassy
- My agent, re: the deal ABC made. I can't talk about it yet...but Bee will be real damn excited.

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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NOTE: First section is a memory taking place some time after Zee's "death." Cinzia is an NPC used with loving permission from her writer. ;p

“You can never know. That knowledge is sacred. Let it be.”

“Why? Just because you say so?!” Cinzia snapped.

“Because it’s forbidden.”

“Fuck you, I’ve done my reading. When the hell have you ever cared about the rules?”


“NO! Fuck you. I want revenge, and you’re telling me I can’t get it. My girl, my Ziyah…*our* Ziyah is dead, and I want to find the man who did this to her. I want you to teach me what you do, you said it could be learned. If you don’t, Tommy…if you don’t, I swear to God Almighty, I will hate you until the end of time.”

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 613


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