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"If one is forever cautious, can one remain a human being?"


NOTE: Zee is [ profile] zee_ali and is used with love and some permission.

“Why do you have to do this?”

“Because of you.”

He didn’t have to look at her jaw hanging agape to know she was shocked by his answer, but he looked up all the same, hands in his jacket pockets and fiancée standing before him with dark eyes so full of blazing fury he thought she might kill him just with her look.

He knew he was blushing, something he didn’t do quite as often anymore, but still his cheeks burned as he held up a hand to stop her from responding.

“Because you’re human, and you love me.” He pressed on, maybe a little too quickly out of nerves. “Because I’m strong enough to do it so long as I got you…’cause humans take risks, and that’s all I am: what humans are. That’s why I have to, that’s why I will: ‘cause of you. ‘Cause you take risks every day. You put your life on the line when you walk out the door, when you take a challenge…you put yourself out there every time you take a chance on some musical act-”

“Tommy Karras, this is *not* fair-”

“-or some dime-a-dozen Brooklyn boy who thinks he can draw and can’t tell a dirty joke without blushing.” He finished hotly, holding her gaze with a nod. “You remember him? I hear he’s doing some pretty amazing stuff now, all ‘cause you took the biggest fuckin’ chance of your life. He’s co-headlining at the Mirage, gettin’ married, had a baby girl…”

Pulling his hand from his pocket, he produced a black velvet jewelry box and opened it, displaying the sky blue topaz and sapphire necklace inside.

“…and remembered his girl’s birthday even though she thought he prolly forgot.”

He watched her face as she saw the necklace, knew he’d catch hell still for the whole Avalanche stunt, and still more hell for mouthing off at her…but for a second, he didn’t care.

He took a risk…and based on Zee’s face, he knew it was well worth the trouble.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 340
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NOTE: Backdated to last night. Stephanie is [ profile] effiecat, Sal is [ profile] we_standalone, Zee is [ profile] zee_ali, and all were used without permission, but lots of love.

"My dreams have come true and I'm scared I won't know what to do with them."


“Wait! Wait…I’m sorry, usually we’d end with the curtain calls, but something more important simply must be addressed tonight…”

“Jesus.” Tommy breathed, smiling in spite of himself as he moved to hide behind Stephanie in the throng still assembled onstage. He was shoved forward for his trouble, her merry giggle sounding in his ears.

“Ohhh, no you don’t, Birthday Boy. Go and get your cake!!”

He would have protested, but sure enough the stagehands were wheeling out a cake, gleaming white and shaped like a pair of handcuffs. Channing still had a microphone in hand and was beckoning him forward, talking all the while.

“…credit for the cake, but I can’t. This comes with love from your dear friend Claire, with all her best for your birthday. Come on, everyone, help me sing!”

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 635
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You Are Powerful and Hard Working

You're the type of person who can sit all day working on a long and arduous project.

You are determined to be successful, and quitting is never an option for you.

You give a first impression of being a workaholic. This is true, but unlike most workaholics, you have a healthy relationship with your work.

You are an armchair businessperson. You know a lot about running organizations, and you're never afraid to say how you think things should be done.

In other news, today for my birthday I got a card from my little bunny (with a hand from Zee in picking it out and signing it), a dead rat from Kel and Hardy, a dead lizard from Prometheus, a lick and a promise for tonight from Zee (I'm afraid in a really good way), a few renditions of the birthday song (best came from my homegirl Molly, thanks babe!), and a cheesecake with candles at lunch during rehearsal today.

Still dealing with being thirty two. Still grateful for it.

Anyway, I got the show in little over an hour and a package from Sassy I'm scared to open. She buys expensive toys that just...yeah. Anyway, I'll check in later. Gonna go clubbing to celebrate with the cast and some friends, and I know Channing's up to no good, so if you wanna see me humiliated you can buy tickets to the 10:00 show.

Holy crap.

Sep. 19th, 2009 10:31 am
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I just realized why Chan's had me doing press nonstop for the last two fuckin' weeks.

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When Farah goes to bed, she finds a handmade card on her pillow, along with a single red rose tied with a yellow ribbon...

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In customary fashion, a happenstance trip into her bedroom reveals to Bee a large envelope scrawled with her name, and a small box settled neatly against her pillow.

Inside the box is this necklace, and inside the envelope is a very clearly handmade card...

The card reads... )
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NOTE: Too long for a drabble, but the muse got wordy. :P

She would’ve bought him a cake, decorated…she would’ve made it fun. That’s why he goes and gets a small one, smiling and aching as he finds a black tombstone candle for the top.

Alone, he lights the wick and watches it burn. He thinks of the Voisin, his own birthday six months before, and as the wax drips down he thinks of the death that’s been hanging on his soul for far too long.

In the light of the flame, he sees a shadow of her face. Shutting his eyes, he stares at the afterimage behind his eyelids until it fades and the candle burns down to nothing but a puddle of wax, dark as blood in moonlight against the thick white frosting.
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You Are a Pineapple

You are bright, cheerful, and active. You have a lot of zest for life.

You find it easy to feel energetic and refreshed throughout the day.

You are likable and influential. You are an important part of the mix.

You can go with the flow or be bold, depending on the situation.

In other news, I feel really strange today. Weirdly keyed up, kinda hollow...I feel old.

...holy shit, it's my birthday again. I can't believe I forgot...
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This was supposed to be a note to everyone that I was gonna post over an hour and a half ago that I got home safe, I'm fine, and my birthday's totally chill.

Then I came home to my girl and all hell broke loose.

Long story short (because the homecoming gets personal, so I ain't gonna blog about it), Zee gave me my birthday present and knocked me on my ass.

The woman gave me back my plane.

I don't know how she did it, but Zee located the 1909 I bought in Germany for five grand in 1910. The one that Houdini bought, I mean...and? The whole damn thing's been restored. She's just like I remember her...and I do remember her. I sat in the cockpit, and it was like I was back in Australia again...

She's being stored in a hangar in Playa Vista, and it's the most amazing thing to happen to me today since my mom's baklava and the ring my folks gave me. The trip was just amazing, and I learned a lot. Reconnected with my roots, my family, and I had a lot of fun.

This has been a really awesome birthday, even though I spent most of it on the road, but thanks to everyone that's been so cool to me today. I'll have vacation pictures up later, some of 'em I gotta get from my crew in Searchlight (Hank, e-mail me that stuff from the Mirage, will ya? And tell your Dad thanks for the roundhouse pointers.)

Dee, Theo, you get in okay? Call me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pet my cat and spend time with my girl.

It's really good to be home...peace out, folks.


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