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She was pregnant again.

The last time they'd talked, she'd come close, but hadn't admitted to the real problem...if one could even call it that.

She was quiet, reserved. She was dressing differently, and already he was noticing a change in her eating habits, the way she was behaving. He saw it in the way she held May, the way her face would glow, contort, then glow again. She was suffering, and it wasn't good for her.

Or the baby.

It was Sunday afternoon, and he was in LA again for the next round of Dancing With The Stars. Tomorrow was the dress rehearsal for his next routine, and then a big elimination that had him on edge already. Ziyah usually watched rehearsals when she was in town with him, and today she even had May with her. The sight made his chest ache, Zee with his daughter while beneath her baggiest hoodie, the swell of her belly was growing again and she wouldn't let him see...wouldn't let him touch her to feel it in the night...

Once Effie stepped out of the room to call her boyfriend, Tommy took a seat beside Zee, helping her give May her lunch. When the one year old was happily munching away on some finger-sized steamed veggies and hot dogs, Tommy finally spoke to her quietly as he stopped May from trying to put a hot dog up her nose.

"Are you ever going to tell me about the baby?"
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Takes place after this.

The second he got home, Tommy went to the bathroom, vomited, and got in the shower.

There was a sense of deja-vu as he stood beneath the warm spray of water, a memory coming to him unbidden of the first time he'd nearly lost his life to evil. He'd been patrolling the streets again, and come home a broken mess. Beneath the water, he'd let power heal him for the first time as he mulled over that fight...then was foolish enough to get jumped by a group of human servants that had broken into his home.

He felt that same energy now, wondering if he'd done the right thing by Selene in dealing with Tristan as he had. The heat of the water rolled off of him along with the dark energy that slid from his skin like oil with every passing moment. He wondered if this was the way to begin before he had any real power of his own to claim.

The question answered itself in his own head before he could give it much consideration: he already had all the power he needed.

.......... )
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"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."


She’d forgiven him for the stunt, even though it had yet to take place…but she was still wicked pissed at him. It was probably why they were having sex so often.

WARNING: some sexual content beneath the cut... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 472
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He was learning, very quickly, to find some means of drawing when the darkness descended.

Tonight, thankfully, he was at home with oils and canvas, painting freehand with no charcoal or pencil to guide him. Through the haze over his vision, a vivid storm of reds, blacks, and oranges was coming to life. Piece by piece, he was assembling fragments of a larger picture he couldn't describe or even quite make out, but it was right there at the edges of his awareness.

Without knowing what was to come, he could already tell there was a storm brewing.

When the fog lifted and he could clearly see the monstrosity on the canvas, he worked on adding his own touches in hopes that he could do something with the piece. Sell it, give it away, excise the cancer he'd just put down in oils and hope it didn't come to pass. He rarely understood his visions, and this was no exception.

This vision, this malestrom of fire and brimstone...he didn't want to understand it.

He was just thinking of altering the picture, knowing he never would, when her voice reached him. As he toyed with tubes of green and gray to soften the edges of the smoke in the painting, he heard shouting in the other room and frowned. Glancing up, he stared at the image...

...the dark, slender shadow at the center of a firestorm that seemed to coalesce into two hellish points of red...

Shrugging it off, he dropped the paint and headed for the guest room/home office. "Selene? Baby, everything okay?"
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The world was going to Hell in a handbasket, but there was still hope for the least until the war started spilling into his home.

The few nights she came home to him now, he could still see the blood and the horror in her face and feel it on her hands when she touched him. When it violated the sanctum of his home, his bed, that was when a line was crossed.

And he was having none of it, especially not today.

So when Selene showed up at his place that night, sans Michael, Tommy was in the kitchen working hard on his current project. The loft was filled with the smells of cooked turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Glancing over his shoulder from the kitchen, he smiled shyly as she approached and stepped aside to reveal that the turkey was, in fact, a store bought breast, the stuffing was boxed, and the cranberry sauce was straight from a can.

"It ain't exactly homemade and traditional...but fuck it, it's Thanksgiving." he remarked sheepishly, walking around the breakfast counter to stand before her. "And it's our first together, so...I promise, when the vampires decide to take a fuckin' vacation? I'll cook a real bird, show you just how good this house can smell, 'kay?"
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"Ah! Where did I put my...Carbone Karras, I gonna tan your hide you keep your hands OFF!!!"

"OW!!! Kee-rap, Mom..."

"See? This is why I ain't cookin'." Tommy declared with a nod, shooting a smile at his father and daughter as he took a sip of his beer before bending over to pick up the sock monkey she'd just dropped. "Careful, Bunny Girl."

"Hummy, Tata." she informed him, patting her belly.

"Yeah, we know. Dinner's comin' soon."

Content to go back to making her sock monkey flap his arms, Tommy caught sight of his father's smile. Aunt Zephyr and Carbone had flown in for Thanksgiving, which his mom and dad were hosting this year. He'd heard that Channing might be by, but he wasn't sure if she was coming. Zee was flitting between helping in the kitchen and sitting with May and him, trying to do a little bit of everything. It was Mayilia's first Thanksgiving, and really their first Thanksgiving as a family.

"So, you ever gonna marry that girl, Tom Tom? Or you gonna stay engaged your whole life?"

Tommy laughed, shrugging. "Hey, we can't agree on a first dance song for the reception. I'm havin' way too much fun planning this thing, and I'm kinda glad it's gotten bigger than we expected. Zee wanting it, I mean. Besides, she's busy as shit with the way the band's blown up, and I got fuckin' TV offers coming in now..."

"If you boys are talking business, I gonna put you out the door with your wife, little brother!!"

Gregory Karras rolled his eyes, leaning back in the sofa to look at his sister. "All apologies, dearest!!"

"Spoiled man...hmph!"

Tommy just laughed, shaking his head as he set his beer down and picked up Mayilia. "C'mere, Bunny...let's go see what Mommy's doing."
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"Dude, this is not good."

"It'll get better." Tommy insisted as he emerged from the bathroom, tugging on a clean t-shirt, his wet hair slicked back from his face. He'd just come out of a test run with the wine barrel at Mike's workshop, and the 'wet-run' with the barrel full hadn't gone as well as he would have liked.

Two minutes, seven seconds.

He needed under two minutes to ensure his own safety, and two minutes exactly to avoid getting killed, because he wasn't about to fudge the escape. He never had in the past, and he wasn't about to start now.

"You can't know that." Mike insisted from his place on the couch, where he was watching a video they'd made of his day's efforts. "You can't do this stunt if you can't get the time down."

"I'll get the time down, so I'm doin' the stunt." Tommy sighed, ambling into the living room and lowering himself to the floor to stretch out. Instantly, he had two tiny, furry bodies leaping lightly to lay on his chest and his stomach, with Hardeen taking the senior position closest to his head.

"And if go time comes and you aren't ready?"

"I will be." he replied, glancing up at Mike with a chuckle. "Just have a little faith, brother. Anyway, let's wrap this up. I'm takin' Zee to Bardini's tonight...that place we used to go when we were in school? She was talking about needing a place again the other day, so I'm gonna make her forget that shit."

"What, give her a key? She already has one!"

Tommy grinned, rubbing Hardeen behind his ears. "Yeah, she does...but she don't have a key to the mailbox yet. And she's gonna need one if this is her permanent address, know what I mean?"
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He sat in his car, texting to Sassy with a grin as he glanced up at the house and waited for her to get where he wanted her...right in the main foyer. It was as good a place as any to show up, and he didn't quite feel comfortable just slipping into some random room. After all, other people lived there...

The 'blind texting' thing was his undoing, leaving him with several seconds where he had to stop himself from laughing. Shaking his head and taking a deep breath to compose himself, Tommy put his phone away and ducked out of his rental car, shutting the door and walking around to the front. This was a fairly easy exercise, but he wanted to be really quiet...

Shutting his eyes, he started walking forward...and felt the change in the air as he moved from outside into the air-conditioned, recirculated air of the house. It smelled like a home, and vaguely odd at the same if someone had been cooking something vaguely unpleasant.

But she was right there in front of him, at least the back of her was...and as usual, she was like a beacon in the night. The energy she radiated was almost tangible, a warmth emanating against him...

Grinning, he walked around to stand before her, straightening the faded lavender Affliction t-shirt he was wearing and doing his best not to make any noise. He waited about sixty more seconds before he finally spoke with a grin.

"Open your eyes."
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NOTE: Bendy time to next Saturday. :)

Maybe it was like being home twice over that made the hotel one of his favorites, but just walking over the fake cobblestones and manhole covers, staring at a miniature Times Square looming before him eased a knot between his shoulderblades that he didn't realize was there. It had gone away in Brooklyn, too, at least as soon as he'd left Bess's graveside...

Avoiding darker thoughts, Tommy absently reached up to remove his baseball cap, rolling it up and shoving it in the back pocket of his jeans. Absently, he noted they were looser than usual...his workout routine hadn't changed in nearly three months, but even his mom had commented on it: he looked like he was training for the Olympics or something. Dad had brought the truth to light when they finally sat down and discussed his power: as his magic grew stronger, his body would follow.

He still couldn't believe his dad had been hiding from the Fraternity all these years. Real magic at his fingertips, and he'd given it up for love. It was kind of romantic, actually.

Letting it slip from his thoughts, Tommy amused himself by trying to get the sound right under his feet...the shuffle-clack of stone under his boots as he walked, getting it with a triumphant laugh only when he'd reached the restaurant, and spotted a girl standing out front in just the spot they'd agreed to meet at.

Walking up to her, Tommy cleared his throat twice before he could get his voice to work. "Uh...hey. Listen, are you Dee?"
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He was trying to practice...but it was kind of hard every time the air was forced from his lungs by a kitty bounce.

Lifting his head from his place stretched out on the floor, shackled in a set of prison irons, Tommy eyed the fluffball that had just jumped on his belly yet again, interrupting his concentration. Hardeen simply gazed at him with passive blue eyes, doing what Tommy could only imagine was his version of 'sweet and innocent.'

"You were a brat growing up, and you're a brat now." he muttered, finally willing the cuffs and leg irons open and letting them fall away. As if understanding that he was now the center of attention, Hardeen walked up Tommy's body to sit on his chest and delicately lick his chin.

"Yeah, yeah...I'm whipped. Sue me." he huffed, reaching up to scratch him between the ears. Hardeen began to purr immediately, making Tommy smile and wish that Zee were home. It was something club-related, he knew that much...whether or not she'd finally gotten Dog to check the place out remained to be seen, but she'd said that she would be home within a few hours.

Tommy was holding her to the exact time of eleven thirty...any later, and he was going after her.

Sitting up, he gathered the kitten in his arms and had to wonder at that...his impotent rage, the cat, still sharing the loft even though Zee was definitely sticking around and probably should get her own place...unless she didn't.

Tomorrow night would tell the tale. The Date. In capital letters. He was kind of ashamed of how eager he was to finally get to that point.

Sighing, he stood, Hardeen still in his arms, and playfully slung the kitten over his shoulder as he headed for the kitchen. "Come on, Dash...lady of the house'll be home soon, and it's high time you got fed."


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