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You were laying on the carpet
Like you're satin in a coffin
You said, "Do you believe what you're saying?"
Yeah, right now, but not that often

NOTE: takes place February 3, 2009 at 8:30 PM. All muses referenced are present at the event with confirmation of their muns, and used with greatest of love. :P

He’d been here before…in the old days, when the escapes had no coffins and too much dirt. That was their favorite place to strike, when it was easiest to make him panic. Rookie mistakes, flaws surfacing that should never have existed, everything turned against him to make sure he couldn’t pull off the escape.

They’d been waiting for this day, he could see it now. In the blackness of his casket, he could see the lifetime of planning that went into the moment that could end his existence for good.

The cuffs were too cold. Ice cold, burning into his wrists and ankles. He knew the feel of that steel, that weight drawing on his energy…

The dirt had obliterated the light. He was in the ground and on his own.

Someone had switched the cuffs with a pair forged by the Darkness. )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 803
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"When King Lear dies in act five, do you know what Shakespeare has written? He's written....'He dies.' That's all. Nothing more. No fan fair. No metaphor. No brilliant final words. The culmination of the most influential work of dramatic literature is, 'He dies.' It takes Shakespeare, a genius, to come up with 'He dies.' And yet every time I read those two words I find myself overwhelmed with disphorium. And I know it's only natural to be sad. But not because of the words 'He dies', but because of the life we saw prior to those words. I've lived a good, long life Mahoney. And I'm not asking you to be happy that I must go, I'm only asking that you turn the page. Continue reading. And let the next story begin. And, if anyone ever asks what became of me, you relate my life in all it's wonder....and end it with a simple, and modest,...'He died.'"


“Who are you? Who are you, I don’t even know!”

Tommy shut his eyes with a heavy sigh, reaching up to rub his forehead in an effort to worry away the knot of emotion he could already feel forming between his eyebrows. He knew this was coming…to be honest, he didn’t think it would take this long, for the three paths to merge into a single destiny. He was strangely grateful for it.

It was a blessing, to have been able to remain Tommy Karras as long as he did.

“I’m the man who’s askin’ you to leave me in the ground if I die.” He replied quietly as he looked up from his place on the sofa. “It’s not an easy thing to ask, Mom, but it’s what I want.”

“I don’t want you talking like this!” Agatha Karras snapped, shaking her head. “This is madness, this is--”

“Necessary.” He replied, standing and walking over to her. “And I can’t ask Dad ‘cause you’re the one that’s good at making the hard calls. Mom…you’re right, you don’t know who I am. I stopped being Tommy Karras the second my powers manifested. I have to do this…Buried Alive, all of it. I have to reach out and touch the edge if I’m ever gonna get close enough to say goodbye to Zee…my heart, Mom. It doesn’t know she’s gone, and I can’t…I need…”

He trailed off as she embraced him then…his mother, who so rarely showed overt affection wrapping him in her arms like a mother should. It was oddly comforting, that it was her instead of Dad, the one who was always his refuge…

“If I die,” he whispered, “you leave me there in the ground. You take May, and you go to Tuscany to tell Zee and her uncle. You grieve, but you move on, and you take good care of everybody. Do you hear me?”

He felt her nod against his shoulder, and something inside of him eased. “Oh, Tommy…”

“Everything I am, everything I was? It falls to you if something happens to me. Promise me, Mom.”

There was a long pause, then a shaky sigh as she drew back to meet his gaze and nod again.

“I promise, baby…I may not be an avatar, but I’ll do my best.”

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 389
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Just thought I'd show it off to those who won't be able to attend...I designed the invite myself, it's already been mailed to the folks on my guest list and some of the media out in Vegas. I'll be leaving town in a couple of days to head back to Nevada with May. My dad and some pals in town been helping me set up, and Channing's lending me her backing on this with more than a little cursing, yelling, and pleading for me not to do it. Olympus Effects is the company she and Mike Kellar have together.

Wish me luck, time a post goes up here, it'll either be from me, or my family. Here's hoping it's me.

ooc: Nothing formal's being done for this event as far as threads go, but it stands to reason that everyone on Tommy's f-list who can make to the event is invited and Tommy will be prompting his escape. :P Basically it's an excuse for the mun to get graphics creative, and for the muse to make his loved ones sweat. ;p
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The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear, for newer and richer experience.

Takes place during this.

The world is a vast and open place filled with the opportunities of a thousand lifetimes and the promise of countless days with uncertain outcomes and predetermined futures. It’s the only true perpetual motion machine, never going still or silent as billions of hearts beat and trillions of dreams are born and slaughtered by the relentless machinations of time and space.

The limitless potential and beauty of this complicated structure of humanity, destiny, and divinity defies any words. There is no description for it, no way to give it shape and meaning in the human psyche. Language makes these delineations between one thing and another possible, but language is too small a thing to encompass the greatest cosmic secrets that mankind has been chasing for countless centuries.

These complicated ideas and concepts sit at the heart of the most basic human emotion and the simplest pattern of thoughts an individual can have. They are the seed that they spring from, universal truths that the building blocks of life are crafted from. Three words…that’s all it takes to condense everything into a notion that human minds can grab hold of, allowing these seeds to take root and give life.

Three words unlock the answers to the questions we would ask of God on our day of judgment. Three words make all things possible.

It could happen.

Tommy Karras never understood the breadth and the splendor of Hope’s most fundamental shape until he felt a long sought connection open inside of him with enough force to break, not open the shackles on his hands and feet. It fed him with an energy he didn’t think he could ever feel, a purity of power and intent that was so strong it shattered the coffin lid over him instead of simply unlatching it.

Sitting straight up in the middle of the warehouse where he was rehearsing, he felt like a live conductor for pure power as he turned to seek out Carbone’s gaze nearby.

“Dude, is that…?”

Watching his cousin, Carbone’s features lit up with the same smile that was on Tommy’s face as they felt Baileigh’s heart speak to them through the very force that animated them.

Something could shake loose. A name could click…it could happen.

Hopping out of the coffin, Tommy walked over and high-fived Carbone with a broad smile.

“Dude, that shit’s better than sex.”

“Hey, I can say that. You can’t.”

“Whatever, man. Help me clean up all this broken glass…I wanna go see her, see what caused this.” Tommy laughed, feeling truly jubilant for the first time in weeks. “If she can feel this way now, then there’s still hope we can get her back. C’mon!”

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 449
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List of supplies for Buried Alive

- standard size coffin
- replacement coffin lid (modified w/plexiglass top for viewing purposes)
- rental/purchase of plot at Desert Springs Memorial Park in Las Vegas, NV
- hearse rental
- floral arrangements
- infrared camera (for coffin interior)
- flourescent lighting (for installation inside coffin during initial presentation)
- television rentals for surface viewing
- backhoe rental
- tarps
- shovels
- folding chairs
- a fuckload of luck

Tommy Karras
Original Character
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So what's this gorgeous person's name?
Tommy Karras...and stop trying so hard, I'm taken.

How are you feeling?
Like shit. I'm hanging in there.

Would you rather fight zombies, vampires, or evil spirits?
Vampires. Easier to kill, from my experience.

More meme below... )

In other news, I'm in New York and dead fucking tired. Time change is a bitch, and I haven't slept hardly at all. May's crashed out in her crib in the corner, I'm holed up in my cousin's guest room while I'm here.

Anyone that wants to get ahold of me, call or IM or write, I'm good with all of it. Buzz Carbone if you can't get me directly...Bee? Gimme a call when you're back in town, we'll have lunch.

To everyone that's been sending their well wishes, I wanna thank you...and for the ones still worried about me? Don't be. I know my decision about this stunt ain't a popular one, but I wouldn't be taking this risk if I didn't feel I had to.

Tomorrow I start training for Buried Alive. If all goes well? I'll be back in Vegas in about three weeks...and you're all invited to the show.

For now? I'm gonna go pick up my baby girl, lay down and spend another eight hours staring at the goddamn bedroom door waiting for someone that's not fuckin' coming home.


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