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NOTE: Selene is [ profile] dealing_death and is used with permission and great love. ILU BB!!!

Selene hated to be wrong, hated it above all things. More importantly, though, she hated to be wrong where it counted. Too often, she’d been guilty of as much, and too often people got hurt when she was…namely, people she cared about.

She should have known something was wrong when she could still look at Catherine.

Who will you run to when it all comes down? Who`s gonna pick your world up off of the ground... )
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1. Put your mp3 player on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you.
2. Link to the lyrics (I did youtube vids too if I could find them)
3. Let your friends assign you a song to write a drabble fic (they may be short but I fail at actual 100 word drabbles) to.


Please forgive my iPod for its newness and for certain muses of mine being obsessed with Paramore. *eyes them* Um. :P

You can request any muse you want that I play, but these are your surest road to fic:

Tommy Karras ([ profile] magic_fratboy /[ profile] houdini_fanboy /[ profile] magic_fang_boy )
Beth Ann Callahan ([ profile] morsus_mihi )
Anne Forsythe ([ profile] adreamto_rise  )
Michael Vaughn ([ profile] a_broken_watch )
Cassie Blake ([ profile] sky_andsea )
Dog Carter ([ profile] callme_animal  )
Cain Callahan ([ profile] fear_noevil  /[ profile] big_callahan /[ profile] thedarkest_side )
Hank Callahan ([ profile] hank_callahan  /[ profile] neversee_inside )
Lance Dulac ([ profile] price_onmysoul )
Channing Vale ([ profile] what_its_not )
Seamus O'Leary ([ profile] stone_speaker )
Delilah Redfern ([ profile] moon_inher_eye  )
Mays Ryder ([ profile] justifymy_ways )
Richard Castle ([ profile] always_a_story )
Malcolm Reynolds ([ profile] bigdamn_hero )
Rico Covas ([ profile] suave_covas )
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Prompt: Tommy the Vampire Slayer

She was a bloodthirsty angel in the night, a dark Amazon protector thrilling with the brutal joy of laying her life on the line to stand against Death. She was a vision of death in black denim and silver, marked with skulls and strange symbols that only served to make her more fearsome to look at.

She was a miracle…and to the young girl watching her fight, she was everything.

I am what you will be... )
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The Rules:

1) Leave a comment here with a prompt involving any of my muses. (You guys know who I write. If you don't? Ask!)

2) You can request ANYTHING. Any pairing, any genre, any AU crazy idea you want. I'm serious about this. Whatever muse you want, whatever nagging story you've been dying for me to write, request it!

3) Try to be somewhat specific. Don't tell me "Oh, write anything you want!" because this meme isn't about what I want to write, it's about what you want to read. Details are great or just throw a bunch of random words at me and see what I do.

4) If you feel like satisfying some other peoples' burning fic desires, repost this and spread the love.

I may be slow, and I know I still owe fic out the wazoo, but srsly. Hit me with anything. Maybe I'll do better with specifics. ;p
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I think I did this recently? Screw it. I DO IT AGIN.

Pick a type and I'll write a fic or drabble based on that. You can pick your top three and I'll write at least one, possibly with your muse if I know them in general, either that or you can offer up another muse to take part in the fic.

~Bonus:~ If you want a specific scenario, I'll totally do that. Or if you have a set of lyrics or a song you like, give that to me too and I will see what I can come up with. Also just let me know what verse or if you just want a one-shot sort of deal.

Choices... )
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NOTE: Long overdue, but done at last, a little something from Tommy's Snuggle Meme. Done for [ profile] senseofliberty, who requested Tommy/Rachel. Rachel is used with tender loving care, and any OOC-ness is all my fault. Enjoy. :P

Fairytales don’t tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairytales tell children that the dragons can be slain.


“So if you have all this power to fight evil, how come you can’t kill it?”

“Because we’re not meant to.”


Smiling a little, Tommy walked alongside Rachel as they strolled through the casino, shoving his hands in his pockets. “It’s not what we do. We make dents, chip away at the darkness so the light can shine through. Only good can hurt evil, and we’re not it. We’re hope…there’s a difference.”

“I don’t see it.” Rachel insisted, shaking her head a little as she eyed a blackjack table as they passed.

“Think of it in terms of heroes and monsters. The Darkness is both the dragon and the evil witch that controls it. We’re not the prince on his white horse…we’re his sword.” He replied, shrugging. “We pack a whallop, but we don’t actually do anything without someone to guide us. Pick us up, take a swing…that’s what humans are for. You guys are the white knight. We’re your weapon. That’s what hope is: you know that there’s a chance to slay the dragon if there’s just something around sharp enough to stab it with. Without it? It can’t be killed.”

She was quiet a moment before nodding slowly, smiling a little. “I think I get it…sorta.”

A heartbeat later, she stopped in her tracks and half-stepped, half-flung herself forward to wrap him suddenly in a warm, impulsive hug. Grunting a little in surprise, Tommy wrapped his arms around her shoulders and hugged her back warmly, laughing as he rubbed her back for a moment before pressing his cheek against hers.

“Thanks for what you do, Tommy. It means a lot…especially to people like me.”

Grinning, he drew back just enough to meet her gaze, brushing her hair off her face in a friendly manner. “Believe me, babe…the pleasure’s all mine.”

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 308
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I have a snuggle fic I still owe, and am working on...but Tommy is hot. And sex is good! SO!

If you want to have your pup have some sort of sexual relations with mine, comment here!

No piece is binding to anyone unless noted and/or requested, just PWP type debauchery. Available in all 'verses and incarnations, including Tommy's lesser known AU journals:

[ profile] houdini_fanboy: Tommy is 23, a college man, and fully aware of his Fraternity heritage
[ profile] magic_fang_boy: Want a love bite? Have some vampire!Tommy. :P

Cross posted to other muse journals where...well, I just wanna get peepulz laid, k? K. ;p
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Request any fic of mine and I will provide you with a commentary/annotations, like a DVD extra.

This applies to any and all of my musey journals, if you know 'em. Cross posting to some just in case, and...well...I'm at work. HUMOR ME. ;p


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