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Pick one of my characters and I'll tell you...

→ why I decided to play this character
→ my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
→ my favorite original aspect about this character (world-building for ocs or head-canon for fcs)
→ the last thing they did "off screen"
→ what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
→ what the next thing I'm doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever)

» I will tell you what character of yours I'd like to play mine against
» you may ask me a free question

It's incomplete, I'm sure, so you can select any muse from here or ask about a muse you know I play but don't see on the listy. Clear as mud? :p
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Writer's Block Meme

The exercise is as follows.

1. On the first night, write a single sentence that could appear at any point in your eventual story.
2. On the second night, write a paragraph of a minimum five sentences, including the original sentence.
3. On the third night, complete five paragraphs including the one written the night prior.
4. On the last night, finish your story!
5. At any point, you make take one 'night off' as a pass.

Let's do this!
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First, let's list all of your active characters and their PBs.

Listing MOST active here...

1) Tommy Karras ([ profile] magic_fratboy // [ profile] houdini_fanboy // [ profile] magic_fang_boy) - Criss Angel
2) Nico Contarini ([ profile] blackstone_jr) - also Criss Angel
3) Cain Callahan ([ profile] fear_noevil // [ profile] big_callahan // [ profile] burning_hard) - Matthew Fox
4) Beth Ann Woodman ([ profile] morsus_mihi) - Summer Glau
5) Henrietta "Hank" Callahan ([ profile] hank_callahan // [ profile] neversee_inside) - Emily Browning
6) Zoe Washburne ([ profile] holds_together) - Gina Torres
7) John Winchester ([ profile] winchester_john) - Jeffrey Dean Morgan
8) Artie Jackson ([ profile] artiejackson) - Richard Belzer
9) Rian Baxter ([ profile] crusades_r_us) - Sarah Michelle Gellar
10) Spike ([ profile] follow_my_blood) - James Marsters
11) Mays Ryder ([ profile] justifymy_ways) - Tony Rombola
12) Valkyrie Steed ([ profile] not_noble) - Evangeline Lilly
13) Doglas Carter {Elpis, God of Hope} ([ profile] callme_animal) - Sully Erna

long!meme iz long, k? K... )
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Greetings, friendly friends!

So when I began writing Tommy, he and his universe were a science experiment that was very near and dear to my heart. I had no idea where he would go or what he would become...he was an underveloped background character in a larger story I was working on.

Well...he's no longer so underdeveloped.

Due to the fact that Tommy is becoming the focus of my '08 NaNo novel as I rewrite it, I want to focus more on developing his voice at the beginning of his story, which is pretty much a distant memory in RP. So to that end, Tommy has a new 'verse in case anyone cares.

THE FRATERNITY: This verse is PROMPTS ONLY and has no ties to RP. It's basically Tommy in the world of my NaNo novel and will have no effect on any of his RP 'verses, canon or otherwise. While I might choose to make some of the pieces in this 'verse part of his RP canon, nothing in this 'verse will be open to interaction. It's basically Tommy taken back to square one and developed within the course of my novel...glimpses of him developing within that 'verse and that 'verse alone. Sneak peeks of the finished product, if you will. ;p

Right now, Tommy will probably be writing in this verse for only one comm, [ profile] avantgarde_muse, so unless you see a post tagged otherwise, it's a safe bet that you'll only see this version of Tommy when I prompt for this comm. Feel free to read or not as you see fit, and play with my little man in all his glory in all his other worlds and AU journals.

Aaaaaaand...yep, that's about it! Back to your regularly scheduled Monday, already in progress.
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What pieces of you are in your characters?

All of my characters are, to be blunt, versions of me that I run away with until they no longer resemble me in any way, shape, or form...let's be honest: every original character in RP, literature, and otherwise is born as a Mary Sue. It's the good writers that find that creative spark to make them something more.

A rundown on some of my more active/vocal characters...

Tommy Karras: Tommy is my love of magic personified. Literally, I wanted a magician muse because I've been in love with illusion since I was thirteen. Elements of my little obsession have constructed Tommy's persona and his world...I'm a hardcore devotee of Houdini, escapology is fascinating to me, and to me the art of magic has always been about the propagation of hope. Houdini's a big part of that being that he was popular during the Great Depression in particular. He did incredible things and through them, gave people hope that if he could get out of a straightjacket hanging over a New York city street, or beneath the waters of the Mississippi, they could overcome poverty and destitution.

More characters below the cut... )
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Comment on this post. I will choose five userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

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