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“Okay…good, just snap those on…”

Part of it felt like sacrilege, standing there and allowing Houdini’s own handcuffs to be locked around his wrists, and yet part of him felt like he was welcoming back old friends. The cold metal, the scars from use and age…there was history there, a history some forgotten part of him remembered and celebrated. Everything else was reverence and awe, the joy of an ingénue sitting at his master’s feet.

He was the student, learning by doing. Simultaneously, the details coalesced in memories that he couldn’t avoid. Barechested, handcuffed, lungs filled with the scent of wood and plaster, dry parchment and ink, he felt a sense of belonging. He could even now remember the cell he had only seen once the night before, knew he had escaped it a dozen times in days past.

He stood a little taller in spite of himself as the final set of bracelets snapped on, unconsciously remembering the title that came with the task set before him. He was here to win his name back along with his skill.

King of Handcuffs... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 463
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A tumbler shifted beneath the pressure of the lock pick, bruising his ego yet again as his heart all but skipped a beat in hopeful excitement. Drawing a deep breath, he held the pick steady and experimentally tugged his wrist against the handcuffs.

Nothing. )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 622
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Bendytime back to late Sunday afternoon.

“I’m ashamed of myself for not handling this better…losing your mom, being a single dad…all of it.”

He didn’t mean to say it out loud, but there it was. Stretched out in bed with May laying on his chest, well over an hour after both had finished a long nap, Tommy found himself facing the admission that came against his will, slipping in to break the quiet apart.

“I mean…I was never really ready to be a dad when you showed up.” )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 506
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“Mom, will ya cut that out?” Tommy laughed as he walked into the kitchen, stooping to kiss his mother’s cheek as she struggled with the bag in the trash can. “Lemme tie that up and take it out. You spent my whole fuckin’ childhood trying to make me do this, let me now that I’m volunteering.”

“Truth be told, moro, I’m almost afraid to let you.” she admitted with a smirk, kissing his cheek in return as she relented and let him help her with the trash.

Snickering, he deftly tied the bag and yanked it out of the can. “You asked me over and cooked yet again, it’s the least I can do.” He assured her. “Go on, Dad’s in the living room warping his granddaughter. Save my kid, huh?”

Laughing, she left the room as Tommy headed for the back door to take the garbage out around to the side of the house. The air was chilly, even for the desert, but he didn’t pay it much attention as he made it through the gate and into the pitch blackness surrounding the city trash bins.

He didn’t realize anything was wrong until he’d shut the lid and looked up to see the neighbor’s porch light blazing in the darkness without casting a single ray of light across the cement walk or the lid on the can. Only then did he feel the chill penetrate his skin and sink down into his core.

The sound of the back door opening was faint in his ears as his heart began to pound, ready and eager for battle.

“Tom Tom! Did you feel…oh Gods.”

“Dad, get back in the house!” )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 671
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“I went looking for a fight.”

“What the…Jesus, T-Bird…”

Tommy simply shrugged in response to his cousin’s exasperation, wincing as Carbone blotted the laceration on his forehead with an alcohol swab. He welcomed the lingering burn, the acid bite of sterilization beneath the skin…he was looking for pain, for something, anything to hurt him. Anything to help him ease the knot in his gut that he couldn’t let go of.

“I needed something to hurt, Bone. Something safe…something that’d hit back.”

“Getting yer ass kicked ain’t gonna help you grieve for her, man.”

“It might.”

“Whatever, idiot stick…just bear in mind that *she* was waiting up for ya.” )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 639
magic_fratboy: (sexy - orgasmic)
He’s never been one to get rough, especially during sex, but he’s pissed off. She’s got him angry, which is a hard thing to do…

…and Jesus, he’s never heard her make that sound before.


Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 530
magic_fratboy: (emote - sad)

I have a picture of Harry Houdini in my office, sitting right on my desk. It’s something I clipped out of a magazine, tucked into the corner of a framed pic of my folks. Always felt right to put it there, ya know?

I have a photo of Zee on my desk now, right next to that one. After she bought me that biplane for my birthday, I moved the picture of Houdini to her frame. It just felt right…like somehow, two halves of me were converging, like I was in the frame with her.

I put Houdini back with my parents. I can’t feel the connection anymore.

About a week ago, the mother of my child was nearly attacked by a Bringer, and it was all my fault. What I am, who I am…it put my family in danger.

About a week ago, I stopped using magic.

I talked to some guys in the Fraternity, the Kellar twins in particular, and I got the information. They left the order years ago, gave up magic completely after Mike’s wife passed away. She died serving the Fraternity…it devastated him. The way it works is that the power feeds itself. Use it, it gets stronger. Stop, and it goes to sleep and the light inside goes out.

The Darkness won’t see you, won’t touch you. It’s not permanent, but it might as well be, according to the twins they played hell waking the power again.

My problem is that I have more invested in the power than most. My past, my memories…they’re tied into who and what I am. I really have more in common with Hekate, Katie, than I do with anyone in the brotherhood.

It’s been a week. I tried to levitate this morning and I couldn’t. I moved that picture right after because I couldn’t feel the connection.

I’m not in that frame with her anymore…I don’t remember when that picture was taken.

My power’s gone…but so are my memories. Houdini’s dead…it’s just me now.

Me. Alone.


Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 340
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He wasn’t much for dressing up, but tonight was a different story. Tonight was worlds away from other nights like this one, and Tommy had seen more than a few. It wasn’t always planned, though, thought out and laid out with such care…

He didn’t like to think too much about what he was putting on…or how soon it might come off.

Blushing furiously, he grabbed his black leather vest off the bed and shrugged it on, checking himself out in the mirror as he buttoned it. He looked all right…okay, better than all right. He’d taken extra care with his clothes tonight, the leather vest and dark blue jeans an outfit that he knew complimented him. Hell, it ought to, Jelly had been there helping him shop for it with ten different wisecracks about how good his ass looked.

“I’m such a shmuck.” He sighed, raking a hand back through his hair. Already, it was growing out again, a little faster than he’d expected. Only a couple weeks out, and the close-cropped hair with the blunt-cut bangs falling in his eyes were hanging more naturally, curling at the edge of his collar in the back. Maybe it was all on him…everyone kept saying how good he looked with long hair…

Adding his handcuff necklace and a couple of his favorite rings, including the screaming skull Ben gave him last year for his birthday and a family crest his father had given him when he turned eighteen, Tommy finished the outfit with studs in each ear instead of his usual silver hoops. Another incidental from Jelly, she claimed that the pyramid-shaped diamond studs made his ears look sexy…whatever the hell that meant.

He trusted her opinion…and he was shooting for sexy tonight, right?

The only thing he didn’t bother with was shoes. He was at home, and he didn’t wear shoes unless he had to. So, barefoot, he padded out of his room and prayed he hadn’t overdone the threads, along with the lamb and dolmas he’d made for dinner as he headed back towards the kitchen, waiting for Ziyah to emerge from her room.

Tonight was a night he was hoping she’d never forget.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 365
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His hands were shaking and the cold sweat had already started on the back of his neck, creeping down his body and soaking through his clothes. That’s what it felt like, at least, like his shirt weighed ten pounds with bodily fluids and fabric. It was all in his head, he knew, but the way his hands were shaking was a good solid mirror of the weakness in his knees, which threatened to give out on him at any minute.

The small club was full. This was a test…he couldn’t fail.

Locking his knees into place, he reached up with one trembling hand to grab the mic, closing his eyes. Maybe if he couldn’t see…

“Eyes open, Tommy.”

Swallowing hard, he forced himself to open his eyes. Wide, straight ahead, boring into the first face he saw. It wasn’t as shapeless or dark as the one on the Bringer that had shot him that first night, but through the haze of raw fear gripping him it could have been Satan himself come to claim his soul.

He was going to pass out.

Behind him, the first guitar riffs rang out.

See the cycle I`ve waited for... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 1,055

NOTE: Lyrics are from "It Ain't Like That" by ALICE IN CHAINS.
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NOTE: Takes place about three weeks before Tommy starts becoming aware of his abilities.

“You’re aware this is insane, right? Not part of the dare or anything.”

Tommy swallowed hard, then nodded as he toed off his shoes and stripped off his shirt. “Yeah, I know...but you never said I couldn’t up the stakes on my own.”

“Just...are you sure about this?”

Totally unsure, Tommy nodded and tossed his t-shirt aside, hands moving to his belt buckle and working it free. “Yeah. So you got the stuff or what?”

Naked Dares and Houdini... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 495


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