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- hang with my girl
- tie myself up
- cuff myself and dive into a pool
- clip my cats' claws
- walk on broken glass
- escape from a milk can
- go grocery shopping
- take a nap in a coffin
- drop shit off the roof of a building
- run myself over with a bulldozer
- look for a realtor
- get run through a woodchipper
- let a car run me over
- pick up paper towels

Tommy Karras
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- Mom, re: watching May on Halloween
- Dad, re: tickets to see Lance Burton
- Sal, just to check in
- Mike, re: building me a new metamorphosis trunk
- Channing, re: final rehearsal before the straitjacket escape
- Bee, re: Zee left her cell phone at her place when we went to see Irina yesterday
- Aunt Zeph, re: dinner tomorrow night
- Boney, re: going out tonight
- My publicist, re: that new story the Enquirer ran about me and Sassy
- My agent, re: the deal ABC made. I can't talk about it yet...but Bee will be real damn excited.

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Meetings I Have This Week:

- production meetings with Chan and the crew every night after the second show
- Monthly staff meeting in the Promotions department on Wednesday
- Lunch date with Greggo's girl Monday (future demonstration, not ready to discuss the particulars)
- Teleconference with Big Bear Resort on Friday (another future demonstration, still not ready to talk about it)
- Dinner with Mike Friday night to talk about some new pieces for the show
- Rehearsal with Stephanie next Saturday to learn some new stuff for the finale
- All day meeting Sunday with Martin Mackenroy...that one's personal.

Pet Names I've Been Called:

- Houdini
- Baby
- Babe
- Tata (that one's my daughter)
- Tom Tom
- Moro
- Magic Man
- T-Bird
- Sweetie
- Ehrie
- Amore

Tommy Karras
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Unique Items I Own:
- five pairs of handcuffs previously used by Houdini
- a pairs of handcuffs designed for Houdini by a well known smith, given to me by the Magic Castle
- A Swarovski crystal replica of my Fraternity talisman (I gave the original to Bee a while back)
- a custom screaming skull ring my best friend Benji gave me back in our school days. It's sterling silver with real ruby eyes, I wear it constantly.
- A pair of diamond earrings from Tiffany's, square diamonds set in platinum. All Sassy's fault, and I wear those more than I wear Benji's ring.
- Whups, take it back: ten pairs of cuffs used by Houdini. Sassy bought me a set recently, with a pair my brother Theo used, too. Provenance is from Dash himself.
- a 2009 Hummer H3X, local dealership gave it to me for the SUV nail bed stunt I did a few months back
- A few Affliction t-shirts and jeans that were never actually released. They're samples I picked up working at Black Saber, stuff we used in ad shoots and shit.
- a Voisin biplane from 1909. It's the one that made me the first man to fly in Australia.
- a cat who can sit on command. Not even shitting you, my little boy Hardeen sits, shakes hands, and even rolls over when you tell him to. Not even my German Shepherd can do that.

Rumors Being Spread About Me:

- I'm cheating on Zee with Channing
- My girl's been cheating on me with Sal Vieri
- I'm cheating on Zee with Sal Vieri
- I'm actually a psychic
- I'm stealing Channing's slot at the Mirage
- I'm trying to buy Houdini's remains
- The shooting a couple of weeks ago was a publicity stunt
- My daughter is really Sal's
- I married Zee six months ago in a secret ceremony in LA
- I'm filming a new TV show about magic...and while it ain't true? I do film some of the stuff I do around Vegas for my own reference, and who knows? Maybe I'll do something with it later on.

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Smells that make me nostalgic:

- paper
- fresh ink
- honey
- fresh baklava
- Mom's cucumber dressing
- rosewater
- sawdust
- ocean air
- sour cream
- grease paint
- sweat socks
- clay
- blood
- smoke
- hot metal
- rust

Things I do when the weather turns warm:

- go shirtless when I can
- wear shorts
- cut my hair (just a little)
- go to the beach
- rationalize Zee's nudist predilections just enough to stop blushing so damn much
- swim instead of jog
- hang out at the casinos
- spend a weekend at Lake Mead
- ride my motorcycle
- use the excuse to go barefoot more often

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- My brain is the key that will set me free.
- Hope springs eternal.
- Believe.
- Imagination is more important than information.
- Everything you can imagine is real.
- Love lives forever.
- All the world's a stage.
- Where there is love, distance doesn't matter.
- Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.
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Nicknames I Have For People:

- Babe
- Brother
- Laur
- Tweedle Dip
- Tweedle Stick
- Einstein
- Bunny
- Jelly Belly
- Prom
- Dash
- Rosabelle
- Energizer Bunny
- May May
- Boney
- Chan

Names People Have Called Me:

- Houdini
- Tom Tom
- TK
- Magic Man
- Hope Boy
- Greek God
- Master
- Brother
- Dude
- Ehrie
- Pops

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- walk Prometheus
- wash Prometheus (if I'm feeling better later)
- nap with my girl and my menagerie
- change the litter box before Hardy protests by peeing in the foyer again
- take May shopping for some new clothes (if I'm feeling better later)
- finish "Amystika"
- finish "The Bride"
- finish "The Lady"
- work on the last painting I started
- email Fillmore about those new set sketches
- email George in Marketing about those layouts for 24/7 Magazine...the ones Chan threw at my head yesterday
- try to remind myself that the point of staying home sick from work? Is to not work.
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Things In My Refrigerator:

- gallon of milk
- dozen oranges
- package of chicken breasts
- two open cans of Friskies wet food (tuna for Hardy, liver for Kel...picky eaters)
- half a can of Natural Balance Duck & Potato wet food
- couple extra bottles for May
- half a honeydew melon
- a London broil I still gotta filet
- a head of lettuce
- leftover spaghetti marinara from Sal
- leftover dolmas and lamb from Mom & Dad
- Sassy's latest care package of cookies & brownies (they were a little melty when they showed up in the mail)
- a box of cannolis I got at the Italian bakery on Tropicana. Gonna give 'em to Chan or something...they're just not the same.

People I've Rescued:

- Sassy
- Abe
- Chan
- Dog
- The Kellar Twins
- The Panagopolous Sisters
- Zee
- May
- Ryder
- Lauren
- More bystanders than I can count. I don't know all their names, but I remember all their faces and energy.

Tommy Karras
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Things I'm Sick Of:

- the recession
- hearing about the damn Trojans from Jack over at the Secret Garden
- gas prices
- traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard
- the magic traditionalism here in Vegas
- the furtive little concerned looks my friends & family keep sharing when they think I'm not looking
- stupid mistakes from Fraternity veterans on the battleground
- The Darkness in general
- hearing that "it gets easier"
- hearing that I need to take it easy
- hearing that the cops will get the guy who killed my girl
- the goddamn nightmares visions
- being in the dark
- being subject to visions of the past and future that don't fucking help me
- being alone
- watching my loved ones suffer
- missing Ziyah

Ways I Save Money:

- clip grocery coupons
- cruise the Pennysaver and other free classifieds
- sign up for email coupons (also saves the planet, less paper)
- use my employee discount
- get free stuff from folks in marketing at work
- shop at outlet malls
- one word: Target. Their sales'll surprise ya.
- cook at home instead of eating out
- carpool
- use the Monorail to get around the Strip
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Things I Can't Watch:

- curling
- badly executed magic
- the Disney channel
- the Mets in the playoffs
- the Dodgers losing a run (I cover my eyes a lot during games...)
- Teletubbies
- HSN or QVC
- slasher flicks
- Paris Hilton doing...anything
- Dad trying to draw anything that ain't a building
- porn (what? It doesn't work for everyone!)
- cooking shows on TV
- that damn movie about my life that Tony Curtis starred in

Things I Sign My Name To:

- credit card receipts
- contracts
- purchase orders
- set sketches (I actually only initial those, does it count?)
- checks
- my personal artwork
- letters
- invoices
- miscellaneous stuff, nothing huge...okay, if you must know I've been getting autograph requests. You happy?

My Favorite Accessories:

- cell phone
- Blackberry (production office issue)
- silver crucifix
- earrings Sass gave me for my birthday
- Fraternity talisman
- Army jacket
- leather Affliction jacket
- Dodger cap
- leather baseball cap
- black bandanna
- Mayilia
- Sassy

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- my jeans
- my bike
- my house (least when I don't let Belle go crazy)
- my workspace
- my body (I just did get some new ink done)
- my car (Boys, sorry but fuck you, I'm fixing the damn paint job)
- my art

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Favorite things to see:

- The Strip at night
- Bee smiling with that big-ass grin that kinda shows her gums...that's when I know she's really happy
- May konked out so deep she's suckling in her sleep
- Sassy holding May and beaming like a lighthouse
- Sassy dancing around with May and singing corny songs
- Mom playing with May and actually loosening up
- Dad talking about work...or his granddaughter...or anything that makes him start talking a mile a minute
- Sal making someone's life miserable
- Sal talking about his girl and getting that look on his face...the one that makes me wanna ask if he's propsed yet
- Ryder with his guitar
- Zumanity at the NYNY
- The handful of Zee's things I got to keep around the new place
- May "waving" at me when she gets excited about something
- The Bellagio water show at night
- Pictures of Zee
- A new pair of handcuffs

Things I'm attached to:

- my favorite pair of jeans
- my new place
- my new handcuff amulet (gave Bee my original a while back)
- Road to Ruin as a hangout
- Control Freak's material
- Zee's old nightshirt (aka one of my old t-shirts)
- the earrings Sass gave me for my birthday last year
- the little German Shepherd puppy that kept crawling in my lap when I went to see the folks in Searchlight...I may take Ruby up on her offer
- my bike
- my car
- my power

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List of supplies for Buried Alive

- standard size coffin
- replacement coffin lid (modified w/plexiglass top for viewing purposes)
- rental/purchase of plot at Desert Springs Memorial Park in Las Vegas, NV
- hearse rental
- floral arrangements
- infrared camera (for coffin interior)
- flourescent lighting (for installation inside coffin during initial presentation)
- television rentals for surface viewing
- backhoe rental
- tarps
- shovels
- folding chairs
- a fuckload of luck

Tommy Karras
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List of things that remind me of someone:

- HSN and QVC
- Teletubbies
- Demolition (long story)
- angels
- swords
- cannolis
- cursing in Italian
- cats
- Mayan culture
- clubbing
- rock music
- turn of the century aviation
- the Voisin
- straightjackets
- Greek food (stuffed grape leaves in particular)
- rough sex
- sweet smiles with bad intentions

List of moments I'd like to rewind:

- First glimpse of Zee I ever got. I remember thinking no man could touch that Amazon goddess and live to tell about it. I did.

- First time we kissed. She was half dead in my arms, and I was seriously fucked up 'cause I thought I lost her...still felt like I'd just won the Lottery.

- The last day we spent at home in LA. Slept late on a Saturday, Kel was stretched out on her chest and Hardy was wedged between us in bed. Zee was awake, I was half asleep, but I still heard her muttering under her breath in Italian...she was talkin' to the baby in her belly, and I knew right then that I couldn't have asked for a more perfect woman to be the mother of my child.

- The last time she said 'I love you' to me. It was in our suite just before I left to take May to see my folks while she took care of some stuff on her own. She kissed me and said it, and I left. Didn't think about it, didn't stop to consider it...I wanna go back and treasure that moment.

- The moment I was told my girlfriend had been murdered. I know, how come, right? Maybe if I went through it again...maybe if I torture myself enough with the reality of that moment...maybe I can finally feel the pain of it. Maybe then I can finally grieve for the woman I love.

Tommy Karras
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Upcoming Holiday Plans:
- Warn Zee about eating Thanksgiving with a big Greek family. She's Italian, she gets lots of food...but she doesn't know my family.
- Con Aunt Zephyr into making her fried red mullet
- Make the turkey with Mom like I do every year
- Avoid any and all talk of football
- Talk Dad out of taking Mom to Mykonos and the nude beaches for Christmas
- Talk Mom into getting Dad the Houdini Movie Collection for Christmas
- Spend some time by Lake Mead with my girl in hopes of snow
- Shop for gifts
- Go ice skating
- Drink eggnog with my folks and try not to vomit...I hate eggnog.

People I Hope To See Before New Year's
- Jay Kellar
- Mike Kellar
- Ben Crawford
- Martin Mackenroy
- Jelly Lang
- Carbone Karras
- Sassafras Lally
- Cinzia Ambrogio (Zee keeps swearing she's gonna visit)
- The Searchlight crew
- Dog Elpis
- Aunt Zephyr
- Great Uncle Costa


Performance Job Offers I've Gotten In Vegas:
- Three potential engagements with the Mirage: strolling magic in one of their on-site bars, including their adult club.
- Operational management of any Houdini's Magic Shop location on the Strip.
- A guest spot in Mac King's afternoon show for two weeks.
- An engagement at Caesars as a strolling magician for their nightclub PURE. The gig would include construction of a stage on the terrace level for some full-scale magic.
- A twelve week slot filling in for Channing at the Flamingo. Which I turned down...I got a feeling they may be trying to burn her, and I plan to tell her about it.


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List of costumes I WON'T follow through with and the people responsible for them:

- Bunny (meme I did this morning)
- The devil (Jay Kellar)
- Cop (Ben, I am not going out as Officer Sexyboos, thank you very much)
- Male stripper (very funny, Sass)
- Gladiator (Another one from Sass)
- Tarzan (Jelly)
- Ron Jeremy (Mike Kellar)
- Perseus in CLASH OF THE TITANS (Ben, again...hardy har.)
- Playboy bunny (Either Ben or Johnny Storm, I can't remember which...)
- Viking (Dog)
- Gandalf (Martin Mackenroy...I think HE should be Gandalf)
- Magician (Channing Vale...wait, she said that was gonna be HER costume...)
- He-Man (Okay, that one I KNOW was Johnny's fault.)
- Greek slave boy (I'm just gonna say Johnny wanted me to be a male stripper for Halloween and leave it at that...)
- David (Yes, the statue. Yes, my girlfriend's suggestion. Figures, don't it? Even Johnny couldn't top that one.)

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- upside down straightjacket escape
- underwater 100 ft. rope escape
- body suspension
- bank vault escape
- bullet catch
- Buried Alive (sorry, guys, but it's still an option)
- water torture cell (old school or something updated, maybe an endurance deal? See how long I can stay in there...)
- safe escape
- levitate over Capitol Records building
- walk down the side of Capitol Records building
- straightjacket escape in a cell full of snakes (based on a nightmare I had)
- deadlift a semi
- industrial fan crawl (just like it sounds, crawl through a running industrial fan)
- public demonstration of Russian Roulette
- elevator shaft mentalism demonstration (four shafts, one elevator...I choose, I walk in and if the elevator's not there...)

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- water torture cell
- underwater escapes
- houdini bridge jumps
- wine barrel escapes
- lock picking
- smith and wesson handcuffs
- milk can escape
- free diving
- breath control
- prenatal care
- infant development
- sonograms
- los angeles based obstetricians
- los angeles based pediatricians

Tommy Karras
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* moving to Las Vegas
* starting high school
* hearing my dad's first diatribe on Houdini
* seeing my first magic show...Kelzo the Great at the 5th Street Fair when I was six
* learning my first card trick the summer before I started high school
* moving to California
* starting school at UCLA
* going into my first tae kwon do class
* getting my first internship at Black Saber Studios
* rooming with Ben Crawford in college, AKA Master Mackenroy's nephew
* seeing Scorpions in concert
* getting mugged three months ago and catching the bullet in my bare hand
* lending an ear to a low-feeling Italian girl with a sweet smile

Tommy Karras
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