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NOTE: Takes place early in Tommy and Zee's relationship, shortly after the occurrence of this piece.

“I love you.”

“Love you, too, babe.”

“…I really do, you know.”

Ziyah’s insistence caused him to stop boning the chicken in front of him and look up, where she was leaning over the counterspace separating the kitchen from the dining area with her chin in her hand as she watched him cook.

“What brought this on?” he asked with a tilt of his head, reaching for a paper towel to wipe his hands.

She shrugged, sultry lips forming a thoughtful pout, too thoughtful for her casual pose and the quiet, easy domesticity of the evening. “I don’t know…I was just thinking about how we met.”

“That forum where you were goin’ on about how no man could chain you down?”

“Yeah, that. When I was still with Dio.”

“I remember it, yeah. What about it?” )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 470
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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Mary: Did you mean what you said up there?
Ted: Well yea, I just want you to be happy, Mary.
Mary: But I'd be happiest with you.


NOTE: Takes place between Tommy's life as Houdini and his current one. Tommy has no memory of his time in the Underworld, so this isn't for anyone's knowledge ever? Just something the muse felt like sharing. :p

“Well, that didn’t take very long.”

“Go straight to hell, Hades.” He snarled, unable to give up the vernacular of his age just yet. He was too newly dead, too full of rage over his own end as he stalked through the halls of Death’s great palace.

“Been there. Nice and warm.”

“Leave. Me. Alone.” He snarled, searching for the door he wanted. “If you’re not leading me into my next life, get out of my way or I’ll kill you where you stand.”

“You can’t really tell me you were serious about that.”

“You damned right I was!!” he roared, spinning on his heel to stare the god down relentlessly. “The gods will pay for trifling with me, and for trifling with Man! I gave my word and to that I hold!!”

..... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 921
Partner: Pandora {mythology}, Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) {Highlander OC}
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I watch…that’s all I do.

Now if you know my girl, that sounds bad. Zee is…she’s sex walking. She flirts, she teases, she looks and she makes no bones about getting physical. She’s a free spirit and she’d die if you tried to stop her from being what she is. That or she’d hate me if I ever got that idea…I can’t decide which would be worse.

Still, I can write it off when someone else takes an interest. For one thing, I owe her a little slack for my own flaws. I’m a guy and I’m human: show me a nice rack or a fabulous ass and I’m gonna look twice. Zee’s bisexual, so she gets that…hell, sometimes she’ll stare at the same girls I do. We keep our eyes open in this relationship: we both look, and I know she’s gonna touch. If I were any other guy, she might even go further if she could do it without hurting me. Lucky for me, we’re both possessive as hell.

The bond we share also makes me feel better about other people taking a shot at her…it’s even kind of a bonus. I mean…I can’t deny there’s something kinda sexy about knowing she’s pursued and always goes home with me. There’s more to it, though, when you know what the woman you love is feeling. When she’s smiling and touching another man’s arm and you can feel her heart beating in time with yours, it’s hard to get angry. When she laughs and leans close to smell his skin, or rub her body against another woman’s and you can actually see she’s fantasizing about what you’ll do to her in bed later, it’s damn near impossible not to be turned on.

Guys, girls, they make passes at her pretty damn frequently. Still, I’m the only one that can feel her. It’s my eyes she looks for across a room, my body she seeks out when they make her hungry for something she can only get from me. There’s a special kind of ownership that comes from having my hooks that deep in a girl…and knowing, feeling that her grip on me’s just as strong.

So if someone wants a shot at Zee? Good luck to ‘em. I’m the one who can hear her laughing in her head when they think they got a prayer of stealing her away from me.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 401
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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There’s not a day goes by that he can walk past her and not want…no, need to touch her. Sometimes it’s enough to deliberately bump into her or brush against her as they pass each other in public or around the house, or just twine his hand with hers in public, lay a hand on her shoulder or brush her hair out of her eyes. Sometimes he needs more, to wrap his arms around her, to drink her down like wine.

And sometimes, he needs more.

He can hardly look at her or even hear her name in those times, when the need is so great it’s like a beast clawing at him from the inside. That simple yearning for the split-second warmth of her can flare in an instant to that all-consuming hunger, and in those moments he feels more like an animal than a man. He can’t think, can’t move, can barely breathe for the fire blazing through him like summer lightning.

The fire dies the second he touches her.

When they’re finally alone and she’s his to devour, the flames wither to warm, comforting embers as his hands find her face. A kiss, a fierce embrace, and the hunger is satisfied. Sometimes it’s not, sometimes he takes her not because he wants to but because he has to, has to lose himself in the heat of her flesh before he’s full enough of her energy, her love, her lust. He has to have that moment when their souls don’t merge, but collide, objects reaching terminal velocity and shattering everything.

A hand, a kiss, an animal rut against the wall…there’s not a day that goes by that he can walk past her and not want, not need, not be consumed by the pure, dazzling supernova sharing his bed.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 300
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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If I had to compare Zee to an animal? I’d definitely have to call her a cat. What kind? Not sure, but she’s feline if ever someone was. She’s delicate and indestructible, slinky and sneaky and sexy as hell. She’s warm and loving, but she’s so much alone and she likes it that way. She’s an island unto herself, it’s her way or no way. It’s funny how little compromise is in her when we find our own middle ground all the time.

Maybe she’s a housecat that way. Not like it sounds, but like they really are. We got two of ‘em, and I think they like her a little better than me ‘cause they get her. Zee’s a hunter, but she’s a hunter with a safe harbor. She knows her environment, where the food and shelter are at and she chooses them. Dangerous as she is, she’s safe to be close to ‘cause she has her needs provided for. Hardy and Kel got Friskies and the spot by my feet on the bed, Zee? She has music, sex, and yeah, food.

And she’s got me. For whatever that means to her, she’s got everything I have. And it must mean something, ‘cause she stays. Like the cats, I can leave the door open and she won’t run away ‘cause she’s got a good thing here. She’ll scratch me if I test her patience or pull her tail, and she’ll kill anyone that messes with her young, but just like the goddamn cats she’s in bed with me every morning when I wake up.

She’s not domesticated, but I’d like to think she’s content.

I don’t own her, never have. Like our furry kids, she chose me, and as long as I respect her and let her have her head? She’ll allow me to call her mine.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 308
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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Me and Zee been living together since…well, before we were together. Hell, if you wanna get technical, we been living together since we first met. It wasn’t anything we planned or talked about, it just ended up that way. It’s like pretty much every other aspect of our relationship: we just fit together.

Zee came to LA to help me out during a crisis, and she stayed for business reasons. She stayed with me because…well, I asked her to. I didn’t think it would be for long, and when it turned out to be? It didn’t faze either of us. Personal space was never a big issue, we kept different hours and I moved my office stuff out of the guest room when it was clear she was there for a while. We bugged each other, yeah, but we didn’t drive each other crazy.

Then there were the nights we shared a bed, before we started dating. I’d just wake up sometimes and find her there, and there were a couple times when the shadows came for me and she was there. Maybe it was a fight and I was broken, bleeding, or maybe it was in my sleep…nightmares, or a touch of despair that took my breath. She’d wrap her arms around me, keep me warm and draw the blankets over both of us. It was innocent as brother and sister. It was warmth, it was healing.

I also wrestled with how I felt about her. I was in denial for a while, living with this…fucking supermodel and knowing I was just not that guy. Yeah, I wanted her, but if I thought about it too much I got all tongue tied and crap like I do around most beautiful women.

She was forceful, independent, beautiful…she intimidated the shit out of me.

I think living with Zee did more than just get me used to cohabitation again (only person I ever lived with was my buddy Benji in college), I think it stripped me of a lot of fear. It made me stronger because I had to be strong enough just to confront her about wet towels on the bathroom floor. I had to get over myself enough to just fight with her, and when I did? She respected me for it. Still does, I’d like to think.

My girl don’t take shit from nobody, that includes her man. And now, thanks to her? I don’t, either. Well…much.

After being without her for so long? I’m starting to enjoy it.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 421
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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He knew the first time he went to draw her.

In the days before they realized their attraction, when he would awake intermittently to find her tangled in his sheets, he lay watching her body half-bare to his gaze and fought the urge. Soon it became a compulsion, driving him from his bed and into the guest room where he kept his drawing supplies.

He knew when the lines came with ease, dark slow strokes and lighter lines that captured the lean planes of her stomach and thighs. Sharp angles for her hips and features, careful shading to create the fullness of her lower lip and the soft fall of her hair against her cheek…it was a magic he’d never touched before.

He was half done with the sketch when it occurred to him that she was still in the other room, that he was capturing the essence of this woman from memory.

Even when he slipped back in to finish the sketch, he rarely looked up at her to get the pose he wanted. Details and feelings danced through his head and heart, teasing and tormenting him as he struggled to create a perfect representation of that boundless energy in repose. It was easier to pull the lines from his memory because they were more readily available to him than they were to his eyes.

Without his being aware of it, Ziyah had begun haunting his thoughts. Her face, her body, her essence…he had memorized them without even realizing it. She was so close he could smell her, taste her, so near that he could feel her even when they were apart.

He knew he had to be in love with her when he realized that he could draw her better with closed eyes than he could with them open.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 301
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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It’s a trifling piece of sadism, but he can’t feel guilty about it any more than he can bring himself to turn out the light to let her sleep. She frowns, tosses and turns in his arms, but he can’t see well enough in the dark to satisfy the hunger to look his fill.

For the first night in months, he lies awake and finds his rest as his fingers map the contours of her face and body. There are wonders to be had in the simple act of mapping her face with his fingers or nuzzling her neck to feel the pulse beat strong against the skin. She sighs in her sleep as he trails his index finger down the valley between her breasts, stirs when his toes brush up her calf ticklishly.

More than once, his eyes stray to the ring on her finger, the one she won’t take off. Bruises and cuts on his body remain from where her hands dug in too tight and brushed carelessly, frantically to touch as they made love. Where the diamond found him and left its mark, he still feels the burn and relishes it. He lived with memories for too long, the reality cuts like a knife and burns with the ache in his muscles and the cuts on his skin.

He can finally rest, but the miracle of watching Zee sleep won’t let him. More than awe fills him, power whispers through every touch of skin on skin. Love reclaimed heals his broken heart, justice to serve clears his hazy memory, and faith restored rekindles the fire of magic he lost the day he lost her.

For the first time in months, he is as he once was. He is Tommy Karras again…and he’s glad.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 296
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [Highlander OC]
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Anyone that says the perfect couple shares a connection is insane. I’m talking about all the time, being eternally bound heart and soul to another human being. It’s crap, a big steaming pile of it.

Being with Zee’s never been that way for me…we’re at odds a lot. We fought, we clashed, we didn’t agree on a lot. Sure, the stuff that counts, the stuff that brought us together, but we didn’t work ‘cause we shared some sorta perfect bond. We worked hard to make things work, but in between we had…moments.

Sometimes it was a fraction of an instant, sometimes it was a chance encounter in bed that we’d draw out, laying there as our eyes met and just basking. It was a moment where the power of what we had washed over us, the intensity of this perfect, shining thing we felt carving a moment out of time that only we could fill. We felt it, we accepted it…and we understood the power of loving each other.

There’s a great deal of peace in the perfect comprehension of being imperfect. Half of a person, a tiny part in something great and beautiful, it’s a humbling and addictive experience. That’s why love works: you start jonesing for the high of being complete.

Love is completion, peace, but it’s not a constant thing. It’s moments carved out of time, places in the fabric of existence that belong to us and us alone. We have each other only as long as we live, and we have our memories until our minds fade, but those pieces of reality itself?

Those belong to us forever.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 273
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) Highlander OC
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NOTE: takes place during Tommy's extended solo vacation earlier this year, prior to his birthday.

“What’s the weather like?”

“Completely shitty.” He declares, unable to stop from smiling as he stretches in place on the bed in his hotel room. “I’m kinda into it.”

She laughs, and he catches a vision of her in his mind. She said she was just out of the shower and he can see it: damp skin wrapped in a fluffy towel, hair swept back off her face as she huddles in on herself to ward off the chill of the too-cool room.

“How ‘bout you? What’s the weather like out there?”

“Oh, it’s…um…well, it’s LA, ya know?”

It’s evasive, but he’s more interested in the rustle and shift on the other end of the line than what she’s actually saying... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 443
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali)
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Oh, that's nice. So now cheating on your husband makes you a feminist?

No, no, it's not the cheating. It's the hunger. The hunger for an alternative, and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness.

Nobody believes me when I tell them there’s no one else, that there never will be. They think it’s too soon to know that, they think I’ll get on with my life. I won’t. Maybe it’s selfish of me, but I won’t settle for something else ‘cause it’ll only ever be good enough. It won’t be what I had, and for me? It’s perfect happiness or nothing.

Being with Zee changed my life. I mean, fuck…what we had was so real, so strong that it made a miracle. May shouldn’t exist, but here she is. What else could I hope to have after that? Warmth, affection, stability? Sure, but it’s not enough. Great sex, good physical chemistry, a healthy love life? Yeah, I don’t deny other women appeal to me, or that I could probably sleep with some of ‘em.

It’s not enough. It’s a shadow of that fairy tale, ass-kicking, maelstrom romance I found with my girl. I can’t live with that. I don’t know who in their right mind could. I’ve never been able to settle, not in all my lifetimes. If one woman wasn’t enough, I found others and I had everything I needed. This time, I got lucky: I found all the passion and tenderness I’d ever need in a single girl.

I won’t even get into how big a betrayal it would be, not when my heart can’t forget her. When I can’t feel the void she left, when I can still reach out and feel her like she’s close enough to touch…I’m well aware that I’m marrying a ghost. The new tattoo I got, the ring around my finger? It’s the reason I felt I had to address this shit. I get asked about it so goddamn much now it’s insane.

Love left me, so I married the memory. Getting off or getting together with someone doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters to me is May, my friends, and my career. The world lost something beautiful when it lost Ziyah Ambrogio…it’s my job to put that beauty back.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 344
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [deceased]
magic_fratboy: (magic - escape from imprisonment)
Having someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need.

One night a week, Mayilia stays over with her grandparents and he comes home to an empty house at four AM.

Blood drops fall on the cement walkway leading to the gate, and his fingers smear the brass doorknob with stains he'll have to clean later as he admits himself into the dark, empty house. The shadows soak into wounds that can't be seen, injuries he once had the power to heal through a single touch or the warmth of a kiss.

Instead, he listens for the click of dog claws against tile, the soft pat of paw pads or the soft 'thud' of a feline body touching down as the animals come to greet him.

They bear silent witness as he leaves the lights out, slowly stripping off his ripped t-shirt as he limps to the bathroom. Around his feet, they sit faithfully and watch him clean the laceration on his chest, the bullet burn on his left palm, the swollen eye that will be miserably black when the sky lightens with the first touch of dawn.

They alone hear his grunts and screams of pain. Their body heat is all he has as he finally curls in on himself, huddled by the cool porcelain of the toilet while they try to warm his chilled spirit by warming his fevered flesh.

He has to remind himself, as he shivers, that he's fighting The Darkness alone now, and it knows it. He has to remind himself she's not in the other room...that she's not coming home.

Hardy climbs into his lap as he shuts his eyes and thinks of her, in spite of himself...the playful smile and the laughter that came the day she found the scrawny little kitten and plunked him down to sleep on the couch beside Tommy. He could still feel her at his side, slender fingers reaching out to rub the little furry ears...

Some of Hardeen's body heat reached him, then. He wasn't shivering so badly, but still he was hemorrhaging spiritually. He'd heal in a few days...he'd done it in the beginning, before he met Zee.

Wrapping his arms around his cat, Tommy buried his face against the soft, musky smelling fur, and drew a shaky sigh as he tried to remind himself that he'd survived before he ever knew her love. He could live without it. He could live alone.

He just wasn't sure he wanted to.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 404
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) Highlander OC [deceased]
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The soft pink teddy bear hovered in midair before the delighted infant’s features as Tommy held his daughter up and held the toy aloft with power alone, watching her try to reach for it.

“What’s that?” he asked, laughing as she squealed gleefully. “Is that a bear? Is that a buddy bear for May-May? I think it is a buddy bear for May-May…”

Finally relenting, Tommy let the toy drift close enough so that she could grasp its leg with one tiny hand and guided it into her grips until she had it in her lap, steady enough to tug on its ears contentedly.

“Pretty things for my pretty thing.” He cooed, kissing the top of her head as she concentrated all her attention on trying to destroy the sturdy little stuffed animal. “That’s your Valentine’s Day present. ‘Cause you’re my Valentine…yeah, you are!”

She paused just long enough to smile up at him, then turned back to pulling and finally chewing on the bear’s right ear.

Steadying her in his lap with one hand, Tommy reached out to the table beside the couch and picked up the second gift... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 651
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [deceased]
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NOTE: Takes place shortly after Zee and Tommy's first kiss.

“I’m not even kidding. If you try to hold my hand? I’ll slug you.”

She was smiling when she said it, but there was a weight to her voice that told him she wasn’t kidding as they walked away from the coffee shop where they’d just had lunch. She was capable of being impossibly scary that way most of the time, and yet Tommy was as drawn to it as he was repelled.

Not that it revolted him, it was just…strange to him. The only softness she had shown him so far was in her lips and skin, even the eye-catching curves of her body that tortured his thoughts were sharp and solid. Her body was athletic and strong, and overwhelmingly female.

He was more than aware of how little softness there truly was in real women.

Tommy feared that rough touch, the violence and vitriol in her. He didn’t understand it, couldn’t fathom where it came from or how she still managed to be so radiant in spite of it…

Tommy reached out and took her hand. The movement stopped her dead in her tracks.

They stood there for years crammed into seconds, eyes locked. She glared at him in shock, steady and prepared to strike…but she felt it, too, he could see it in her eyes. The warmth of skin on skin, the solidity of that grip as her fingers curled into his on reflex alone. The soft sweep of his thumb over her knuckles, caressing…

His cheeks were a little red, but there was an overwhelming sense of confidence in that moment. He smirked, actually smirked at her…dared her without words to make good on her threat.

He held her hand, touched her essence, her energy…oh yeah, that was soft, too. Soft and so very strong…

As her shock and annoyance melted into something else, something more vulnerable and almost confused, he felt like he’d won something. It was a prize, an award…it was a plunge into something deep and limitless, a balancing act he was doing on a ledge he was destined to fall from.

Licking his lips nervously, he smiled and tightened his fingers around hers, lacing them together as he pulled her just a little closer and started walking again.

She didn’t make him let go of her hand as they walked back to his apartment building.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 394
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [deceased]
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Ziyah’s been gone a month now, and I’m still struggling to get through every day. I’m not dealing with her, and that’s the problem. I want to, God knows I want to…but something in me won’t let her go and I don’t know how to make it work. It’s not that losing her hurts so bad….it’s that losing her doesn’t hurt enough.

It’s like she’s haunting me, and I wish to Christ she’d stop.

It’s not a matter of believing she’s dead. I do, I know, I had to ID the body. What I’m going through is deeper than knowledge, it’s a gut thing. It’s a sixth sense I can’t shake, no matter how I try. Maybe it’s like a soulmates thing, maybe I can feel her through the veil between worlds. Maybe the coins I left in her casket weren’t enough to get her across the river Styx.

Maybe I’m just going crazy without her…literally.

I just know that I don’t wanna go on the sleeping pills my shrink wants to give me just so I can get more than three hours a night, or the anti-anxiety meds she’s recommending so I can stop looking over my shoulder all the damn time. I don’t even wanna be here right now, trying to cope with some kind of neuroses that doesn’t even exist.

I want to be able to think of her and agonize, if that’s my lot. I want the memories to become comforting, I wanna be able to tell my daughter about her mom when she gets older. I can’t do that if I’m running from a shade.

What I want, more than anything, is to be able to tell you exactly how I put up with her, because when I can do that? Maybe I can finally get some fucking closure.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 304
Partner: Ziyah Ambrogio ([ profile] zee_ali) [deceased]


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