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Pandora was created by the gods to punish man for the sins of Prometheus. Wed to his brother and gifted with a beautiful box she was told never to open, Pandora's curiosity doomed Mankind when she disobeyed and unleashed all the world's evils, locking away Hope alone in order to save it, and Man, from destruction.

The myth is true...but there's more to the story.

Pandora freed only one evil, so old and corrupt its name is unknown. With many facets and untold power, the entity called The Darkness is the source of each Face's existence. As punishment, she was taken from her husband and cursed as Hope's guardian for all time. The virtue was sealed into her flesh, binding her to its power. With it, she was tasked to perpetuate Hope's existence and hold The Darkness at bay. Without it, Man would cease to be...and The Darkness would own all of creation.

And so it was she did her husband, Epimetheus, and her children on through history...


They are Pandora and Epimetheus's progeny, living personifications of Hope blessed with the power of true magic. They live and breathe under a historical veil of secrecy, a facade of public artistry where they pass off real magic as constructed illusions. The come from every walk of life, and live by the vows sworn by the father of their order.

As Epimetheus swore his loyalty to Pandora and his life to Hope, so do the members of the Fraternity of Light. They are mortal shells wearing the faces of humans alive and yet to be born. They are not, however, human in nature because they have no human souls. Animated only by the virtue they safeguard, their very presence kindles hope, and the use of their power reveals the three faces of hope in a world where evil is everywhere: faith, love, and justice.

Born in Brooklyn, moved to Las Vegas when he was ten, and finally migrated to Hollywood when he was eighteen. A shy child raised with a love of magic, he learned two card tricks from his father to boost his confidence and help him make friends. Paying for college with an athletic scholarship, he parlayed it into a solid education, graduating from UCLA with a major in art and a minor in history. Working as a graphics designer and studying martial arts in his spare time, his life was comfortable and creative...difficult, but never more than he could overcome.

Until the night he was mugged by an unknown assailant. Shot at point-blank range, Tommy was prepared to become just another statistic...when he caught the bullet in his hand like a modern day Chung Ling Soo...


SOULS ON FIRE: This is Tommy's canon'verse, where most of his interaction will take place. After discovering his heritage and past lives as Harry Houdini and the Titan god Epimetheus, he began working on building a career as a magician. Formerly a resident of Los Angeles, he is currently living in Las Vegas, where he grew up. He is currently co-headlining at the MIRAGE with friend and employer Channing Vale in her show, THE RAPTURE. He is the silent head of the Fraternity, allowing figurehead Martin Mackenroy to handle the day to day of the entire order while Channing heads the local chapter. Content to help his people from the inside and fight the ongoing war, his only worries are guiding the Lost Souls that have been recently discovered, and learning to handle his budding relationship with a werewolf named Regina Vincent.

MUSING WAY: Covers all interactions within the community of [community profile] musing_way


Not Criss Angel, not Tommy Karras. Tommy is a fictional character of my own creation, as are the Fraternity of Light and the fictionalized account of Pandora's Box (the original myth is not mine.). I make no profit off this RP journal, nor the various miscellaneous fandoms Tommy has crossed into. All ORIGINAL content on this journal is my exclusive intellectual property, while materials pertaining to fandoms such as Highlander and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective owners and are used for nonprofity fun playtiems. Steal from me and die, and don't sue...I'm broke, anyway.



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