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NOTE: Week two of Tommy's Dancing with the Stars craziness! This week, he performed this jive, give or take a few differences. Tommy did it better, and he didn't mess with her legs nearly as much. ;p Ziyah is [ profile] zee_ali, and Stephanie is, again, [ profile] effiecat.

Shit, we bombed.

That was Tommy’s first thought as he came off the dance floor with Stephanie’s hand in his, pulling her back against his chest to face the judges with his heart hammering and his breath coming in short, panicked gasps that had nothing to do with the exertion of dancing.

We bombed. I bombed. Holy crap, I’m going home…

“…okay, I *think* we’ll be able to hear from the judges. Tommy, maybe you can get some control here!...”

Once again, the audience was screaming, and he had no idea what to do with it. He was flushed with the dance, enough to hide his mortification over all the things he’d done wrong. It was almost a relief to take back the role he knew so well, to step away from Stephanie and spread his hands to the audience, addressing them like an old friend.

“Heyyyyy, come on! We gotta hear my scores sometime, no matter how bad they are!!”

And now, to Bruno... )
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NOTE: Fic for DWTS tiems! Bee and Effie are [ profile] deep_red_bells and [ profile] effiecat respectively, and both snatched with great love to the most righteous mun of WIN. :P Tommy's routine last night was this one.

There was an irrational moment, after the music faded and he knelt there, hovering just over Effie, that he was sure the crowd was booing him off the fucking dance floor. It took a minute to realize it was his own blood roaring in his ears, and beyond that was the thin, tinny sound of an audience going completely insane.

“Oh my God, I think we broke them.”

Tommy laughed at Effie’s giggling, finally rising and helping her to her feet. Relief, more fear, and pure gratitude flooded him in a rush so intense he couldn’t contain it…so he didn’t.

With a roar of triumph, he pumped his fist into the air and abruptly swept Stephanie into his arms in a huge hug, then released her and moved across the dance floor to the sound of more cheering as he found Bee up front and wrapped her in a hug.

“Did you see that? I didn’t fall down, did you fucking see that?!”

“Yes, go! Len’s gonna bust something, you big dork!” )
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♡♥♡♥♡ RP LOVE MEME ♡♥♡♥♡

♡♥♡my thread♡♥♡

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NOTE: Selene is [ profile] dealing_death and is used with permission and great love. ILU BB!!!

Selene hated to be wrong, hated it above all things. More importantly, though, she hated to be wrong where it counted. Too often, she’d been guilty of as much, and too often people got hurt when she was…namely, people she cared about.

She should have known something was wrong when she could still look at Catherine.

Who will you run to when it all comes down? Who`s gonna pick your world up off of the ground... )
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1. Put your mp3 player on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you.
2. Link to the lyrics (I did youtube vids too if I could find them)
3. Let your friends assign you a song to write a drabble fic (they may be short but I fail at actual 100 word drabbles) to.


Please forgive my iPod for its newness and for certain muses of mine being obsessed with Paramore. *eyes them* Um. :P

You can request any muse you want that I play, but these are your surest road to fic:

Tommy Karras ([ profile] magic_fratboy /[ profile] houdini_fanboy /[ profile] magic_fang_boy )
Beth Ann Callahan ([ profile] morsus_mihi )
Anne Forsythe ([ profile] adreamto_rise  )
Michael Vaughn ([ profile] a_broken_watch )
Cassie Blake ([ profile] sky_andsea )
Dog Carter ([ profile] callme_animal  )
Cain Callahan ([ profile] fear_noevil  /[ profile] big_callahan /[ profile] thedarkest_side )
Hank Callahan ([ profile] hank_callahan  /[ profile] neversee_inside )
Lance Dulac ([ profile] price_onmysoul )
Channing Vale ([ profile] what_its_not )
Seamus O'Leary ([ profile] stone_speaker )
Delilah Redfern ([ profile] moon_inher_eye  )
Mays Ryder ([ profile] justifymy_ways )
Richard Castle ([ profile] always_a_story )
Malcolm Reynolds ([ profile] bigdamn_hero )
Rico Covas ([ profile] suave_covas )
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Your New Name Should Be Tommy Michael

Michael means "Who is like God?" Don't go getting a big head now!

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And it was pretty good!

Spy on Vegas caught me and Zee...I look like an idiot, she looks amazing. I was fresh off rehearsal, and she's just...glowing. As usual.

Prettiest girl this side of Freemont beneath the cut... )

[locked to Zee]

Babe? Can we talk a second?
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Sometimes in the middle of the night, he can feel her fingers on his wrist, tracing the patterns in black and brown that set him apart from the rest of the human race. The paths of heat her fingertips create on his skin whisper through the barrier between the physical and his kind, leaving messages in his mind and heart that reach him even in the deepest sleep.

She thinks she understands him so well…his purpose, his reason for existing. There’s only some arrogance in how sweet it is to him.

For a woman that’s seen and done so much in her life, she’s as naïve as he thought he was once upon a time.

Each sweep of flesh over ink speaks to part of him, to the lives past and the man he was born to be for this handful of decades. Those fingers see perfection amidst the cracks, a god where an impostor stands praying his forgery of a lightning bolt is good enough to get him through. Eyes on his face, hands on his body and his mark, she speaks to him in the dark and tells him that he’s not enough with her unerring faith in him.

He isn’t that man. He wasn’t that man. He doesn’t want to know what he will be, and so he doesn’t look. Yet he can’t stop when he’s fast asleep and she’s touching him. He can’t block her out and make himself safe when she’s speaking to him and he can’t cover his ears. He can’t hide from her love or her adoration when she assaults him unawares.

Her vision of him reminds him that he’s lacking, drives him to the point of pain where his mind wants to slip into total madness. She strips him naked and flays him with her veneration because he’ll never live up to it. It hurts, and it hurts because it comes from her.

Because he believes her when she tells him he’s perfectly worthy of her love. He stops and he listens when she tells him that he can do anything, knows he would bend to walk through seven foot doors if she assured him he was eight feet tall. He believes every bit as hard as she believes…because it’s her.

His heart, his soul, buried deep in the body of one woman.

She’s the only reason he’s ever had to be a superhero.

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 402
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It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.


Something was wrong with her. Something had to be wrong with her.

Seated at the bar, Rose barely heard the music pulsing through the air, thick as soup and heavy as a Santa Ana wind. The club was warm, but she was just chilly enough to be uncomfortable, goosebumps raised on her bare arms as she swallowed tears back yet again. The drink in front of her was untouched, but she couldn’t stop staring at it.

Serving the Power: Rose... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 1,096
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I'm a dizzy motherfucker. Literally. I don't spin this much on the rotating Metamorphosis box in the show.

And to top it all off? May is dancing in the middle of the living room, which means spinning in circles 'till she falls down. And I think Prom was chasing his tail a minute ago. Where's the barf bucket?

Still love my partner. Made her promise to let me burn the posture bar if we win, tho.
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If it's possible for hair to ache, I think mine does. The human body ain't built to bend this way.

And I still got a show to do tonight. Here's a tip, folks: it's easy to be a happy guy when you get to play a villain onstage twice a night, five nights a week. That goes double when you spend four hours tied up in a torture device Effie calls a posture bar.

For the record, though, still crazy 'bout my partner. ;)
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NOTE: Takes place on February 27, 2010. Stephanie is [ profile] effiecat and is used with love, if not permission. ;p

“Are the cameras on?”

“Yep! Sure are.”

“Oh…’kay, just checkin’.” Tommy shrugged, flashing the segment producer a sheepish smile as he went back to slowly pacing a circle around the expansive stage of The Rapture Theater. The camera crew and producer for Dancing with the Stars had arrived just a couple hours earlier to prepare for the arrival of his partner, and along with the nerves that came from being filmed, Tommy was just plain nervous about meeting his partner in general.

He wasn’t even sure who it could be. From all he knew, which came mostly from Bee, the professional cast tended to rotate in and out each season with only a few that were consistent participants. Add to that the usual suspects of newcomers, and even his visions couldn’t tell him a whole hell of a lot.

The big reveal... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 706
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I'm gonna be a nicer guy than Rico Covas and give y'all a spoiler.

Like the icon doesn`t say it all... )

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go polish my dancing heels.

Don't laugh.
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Just in case anybody may not wanna check out the latest DANCING WITH THE STARS lineup tonight...yeah, I'm doing it.

But the only reason I'm doin' it is so I can learn to dance for my wedding. Seriously...I just wanna last long enough to learn to foxtrot and I'm set.
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1. Comment with a pairing or pairings (or a friendship, it doesn't have to be shippy). They can be het, slash, canon, or crack.
2. I will create a ship mix for that pairing that will range from an EP with a minimum of 3 songs to a full mix, with upwards of 20 songs. It depends on how much music I can find/how inspired I get. Likely there will be cover art, because that's like my favorite thing to do for fanmixes.
3. Fanmix meme makes no promises. By submitting your request, you give me permission to do whatever the hell I want with the muses and story. It does not have to affect any verses. Also, there's no guarantee I will make you a full mix, as I said. This does not reflect how much I love you/your muse, but how much the music I have matches up to the requests.
4. For my own personal sanity, please limit yourself to two requests. Select 'verse if relevant! These can involve your muse, or others you know mine have interacted with in RP or canon.
5. Expect me to take forever to actually finish this, because, I procrastinate. A lot.
6. Have fun and PROFIT??


Tommy Karras - [ profile] magic_fratboy
Dog Carter - [ profile] callme_animal
Channing Vale - [ profile] what_its_not
Delilah Redfern - [ profile] moon_inher_eye
Lance Dulac - [ profile] price_onmysoul
Mays Ryder - [ profile] justifymy_ways
Anne Forsythe - [ profile] adreamto_rise
Michael Vaughn - [ profile] a_broken_watch
Nick Knight - [ profile] dontclaimtoknow
Richard Castle - [ profile] always_a_story
Malcolm Reynolds - [ profile] bigdamn_hero
Cassie Blake - [ profile] sky_andsea
Seamus O'Leary - [ profile] stone_speaker
Peter Petrelli - [ profile] its_myturn

And any others you can think of that I may have forgot. :p
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It's the first time he's been still in the ice bath for more than an instant, but eventually his muscles betray him, his spirit collapses beneath the cold, and his mouth opens to let the agony rush out in a single, chilling sound.
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"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread
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Takes place after this.

The second he got home, Tommy went to the bathroom, vomited, and got in the shower.

There was a sense of deja-vu as he stood beneath the warm spray of water, a memory coming to him unbidden of the first time he'd nearly lost his life to evil. He'd been patrolling the streets again, and come home a broken mess. Beneath the water, he'd let power heal him for the first time as he mulled over that fight...then was foolish enough to get jumped by a group of human servants that had broken into his home.

He felt that same energy now, wondering if he'd done the right thing by Selene in dealing with Tristan as he had. The heat of the water rolled off of him along with the dark energy that slid from his skin like oil with every passing moment. He wondered if this was the way to begin before he had any real power of his own to claim.

The question answered itself in his own head before he could give it much consideration: he already had all the power he needed.

.......... )
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"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."


She’d forgiven him for the stunt, even though it had yet to take place…but she was still wicked pissed at him. It was probably why they were having sex so often.

WARNING: some sexual content beneath the cut... )

Muse: Tommy Karras
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 472


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